Ma Miao

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Ma Miao
Traditional Chinese 馬邈
Simplified Chinese 马邈
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Ma.

Ma Miao was a military general of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. He was from Hailing, Guangling, Yang Province (present-day Rugao, Jiangsu).

Ma was tasked with defending Jiangyou (江油). During the invasion by the rival state of Cao Wei, Ma surrendered to the enemy general Deng Ai.

In fiction[edit]

In Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Ma Miao became discouraged by corruption in the Shu court due to the ineptitude of the emperor Liu Shan, and believed that the fall of Shu was inevitable. During the invasion by Wei forces, Ma Miao surrendered to Deng Ai and guided him to Shu's capital Chengdu.

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