Museum of Secret Surveillance

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Museum of Secret Surveillance
Muzeu i Përgjimeve të Sigurimit të Shtetit
Muzeu Kombëtar i Përgjimeve, “Shtëpia me Gjethe”.jpg
House of Leaves museum
Former nameHouse of Leaves
Established23 May 2017 (2017-05-23)
LocationTirana, Albania
Coordinates41°19′36″N 19°48′59″E / 41.32667°N 19.81647°E / 41.32667; 19.81647Coordinates: 41°19′36″N 19°48′59″E / 41.32667°N 19.81647°E / 41.32667; 19.81647
TypeCommunism history museum
WebsiteOfficial website

The Museum of Secret Surveillance (Albanian: Muzeu i Përgjimeve të Sigurimit të Shtetit), also known as House of Leaves (Shtëpia me Gjethe) is a historical museum in Tirana, Albania. It opened on 23 May 2017 in the building that served as the Sigurimi's headquarter during the communist era.

The museum is "dedicated to the innocent people who were spied on, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and executed during the communist regime."[1]


The museum is housed in a two-story villa with a courtyard that dates from 1931 and originally served as the first private obstetrics clinic in Albania, while during the German occupation, the building was used by the Gestapo. After the war it was used as the Sigurimi's interception headquarters until the collapse of the communist regime in 1991.[2][3][4]

The Museum of Secret Surveillance opened on 23 May 2017. The building is located in the city center. The building is known as the “House of Leaves”, so called because of the clambering plant that covers its facade. It has 31 rooms.[5]

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