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Coordinates: 51°13′58″N 0°30′28″W / 51.23278°N 0.50778°W / 51.23278; -0.50778

Newlands Corner

Newlands Corner is a picnic site and beauty spot on a ridge of the Albury Downs, part of the North Downs


The site reaches 567 feet (173 m) with hill-grazed grass slopes below interspersed with trees on the A25 about 4.5 km (3 mi) east of Guildford in Surrey with car park and on footpaths and cycle paths in all directions. Together with the Silent Pool (2 km (1.2 mi) to the east) it forms part of the privately owned Albury Estate SSSI managed by the Surrey Wildlife Trust.[1] There are areas of chalk grassland and woodlands. Visible are some of the greatest prominences of the Western Greensand Ridge and the site lies on the North Downs Way. There are 129 ancient yews with a girth over 3.5m (over approx 500 years old) with some over 6m girth (probably at least 1000 years old) on the northern wooded slope. Some trees are so old the centre is hollow and the whole tree can be walked through. [2]

Newlands Corner was a key location in the crime writer Agatha Christie's disappearance in December 1926. Her car was found in a bush overhanging a chalk pit at Newlands Corner, at the bottom of the south side of the hill. She was found some days later having checked in under an alias at a hotel in Harrogate. As a result, Newlands Corner is the setting of the climax of the final scene of the Doctor Who episode "The Unicorn and the Wasp".

Drove Road at Newlands Corner is also a regionally good site in the county for amateur astronomy, a close dark sky site to the centre of London within the satellite towns belt so none of which is as pronounced as the 'Dark Skies Park' of Kielder Forest within the Northumberland National Park. With a downhill slope facing south, the viewer faces many constellations such as Orion and Gemini in winter. Once or twice a year the Guildford Astronomical Society and other local societies hold public events at Newlands Corner with about 25 telescopes and 150 members of the public in attendance .

The beauty spot has always been free to park which has been of great value to locals who enjoy the view and countryside. However, in October 2015, Surrey County Council has announced car park charges up to £4 a visit. It's the first stage of plans to cut funding of Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT) - obviously the council has much more important things to spend its's money on... like themselves. Surrey County Council chief executive David McNulty is paid £215,000 a year with a targeted £100,000 bonus for 2018 whilst councillors like Mike Goodman (who proposed the charge) have just had 60% pay rises approved. The plans have spawned an online petition and drawn scathing criticism from the local residents in the area.



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