Nikolaos Kriezotis

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Nikolaos Kriezotis
Bust at the Pedion tou Areos
Native name
Νικόλαος Κριεζώτης
Argyro, Euboea
Battles/warsSiege of the Acropolis (1821–22), Battle of Petra, 3 September 1843 Revolution

Nikolaos Kriezotis (Greek: Νικόλαος Κριεζώτης; 1785–1853) was a Greek soldier[1] who served as a leader during the Greek War of Independence in Euboea.


He was general officer in the Greek revolutionary army and is credited with being one of the leaders of the 1822 First Siege of Missolonghi, fought against the Ottomans, who were led by Omer Vrioni.[2] Kriezotis had earlier participated in the siege of Athens reinforcing the siege of the Acropolis. In 1829 he participated in the Battle of Petra, the last battle of the Greek Revolution. After the revolution he joined the Russian Party. He led the Revolution of 1843[2] in Euboea and the following year was elected a delegate to the First National Assembly and to the first Parliament after that. Kriezotis then withdrew to Smyrna, where he died in 1853.


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