Norway–Russia relations

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Norway–Russia relations
Map indicating locations of Norway and Russia


Dmitry Medvedev at an official greeting ceremony in Norway with Harald V of Norway.

Norway–Russia relations (Russian: Норвежско-российские отношения or Российско-норвежские отношения) refers to the bilateral foreign relations between the two countries, Norway and Russia. The establishment of diplomatic relationships between the two countries happened on October 30, 1905, four days after the establishment of Norway's independence..[1] Russia has an embassy in Oslo and consulates in Barentsburg and Kirkenes, and Norway has an embassy in Moscow, and consulates in Murmansk and Saint Petersburg.



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After 1991[edit]

Strains in bilateral relations[edit]

Both the environmentally devastating emissions from the Norilsk Nickel plant outside Nikel in the Murmansk Oblast[4] and the territorial dispute over the Barents Sea have for decades been unresolved issues in Norway–Soviet, then Norway–Russia relations. On 27 April 2010 Norway and Russia officially resolved the territorial dispute in the Barents Sea.[5]

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