Oghi Tehsil

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Administrative subdivisions of Mansehra District.

Oghi Tehsil is a sub-district (Tehsil) of Mansehra District in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province of Pakistan. The Tehsil takes its name from the main city of the area, Oghi. The velly is known as "Agror" and comprises many villages. An old fort became the Frontier Constabilary Divisional Headquarters. Oghi is a four way junction leading to Darband shergarh, Dilbori battagram, Battal and Mansehra.

The main language spoken is Pashto and Hindko.

There are Hassanzai's and Swati's living in Oghi.

On the southwestern side is the Tanawal valley. New Darband Township and Shergarh are the main town and village of the Tehsil, respectively.

The major caste of Tanawal is Tanoli. Saror and Onaar, two small rivers, flow across the Agror and Tanawal valleys.

There are 11 union councils of Oghi.


Most of the area is arid or rain-fed. About 25% of the people are involved in the agricultural sector. Timber is the main source of fuel.


Coordinates: 34°30′19.78″N 73°1′54.02″E / 34.5054944°N 73.0316722°E / 34.5054944; 73.0316722