Pazari i Ri

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Pazari i Ri
New Bazaar
Pazari i ri.jpg
Inside the Pazari i Ri
Coordinates 41°19′48″N 19°49′29″E / 41.33009°N 19.82470°E / 41.33009; 19.82470Coordinates: 41°19′48″N 19°49′29″E / 41.33009°N 19.82470°E / 41.33009; 19.82470
Location Tirana  Albania
Type Bazaar

Pazari i Ri (English: New Bazaar) is a neighbourhood in Tirana, Albania. The name of the neighbourhood stems from the groceries marketplace (the bazaar, in Albanian: pazar), which is situated in the area.[1] It is located east of the central boulevard. Along with Mujos it forms part of the Old Town of Tirana and is one of the oldest areas of the city.

The market offers a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables grown locally in the surrounding areas of Tirana, fish and meat, regional Albanian wine and raki. Many colorful buildings, restaurants and bakeries are surrounded. Recently, there have been a raising interest to make the Bazaar a touristic attraction. However in 2017, the bazaar were renovated and reconstructed.

The Pazari i Ri was built, before the reconstruction of 2016, in 1931 at the same place where the historic Old Bazaar were built.[2]

View of the Mosque
The old bazaar in 1900.


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