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Albanian wine varieties in Albania

The wine of Albania is characterized by its unique sweetness and indigenous varieties. Albania produced an estimated 17,500 tonnes of wine in 2009.[1] During communism, the production area expanded to some 20,000 hectares (49,000 acres).[2]


Grape plants along a footpath in Lin, Albania


Albania has one of Europe's longest histories of viticulture.[2] Ancient Roman writer Pliny describes Albanian wine as "very sweet or luscious" and refers to it as "[taking] the third rank among all the wines".[3] Albanian families are traditionally known to grow grapes in their gardens for producing wine and Rakia.

Communism up to present[edit]

During the communist rule, almost all plantations were dedicated to export.[2] After the collapse of communism, many new wineries were opened by expats returning home from Italy and other countries.

Wine regions[edit]

Vineyards in Southern Albania

Albania is divided into four wine producing regions:[2]

  • Western lowland,
  • Central hilly region
  • Eastern sub mountainous region
  • Highlands


Some of the most important wineries (Albanian: kantina) in Albania include Rilindja, Skenderbeu, Çobo, Luani, Bardha, Arberi, Sara, Vintage, Kardinal, and Kokomani.


According to Nasse and Zigori (1968) the best native Albanian wine varieties are Debine (noir and blanche), Kallmet, Mereshnik, Mjaltez, Serine (rouge and blanche), Shesh i Bardhe, and Vlosh.[4] The best wine producing areas are around Berat, Korca, Tirana, Durres and between Lezha and Shkodra.[5]

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