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Peter Max Lawrence

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Peter Max Lawrence
Lawrence (2007)
Born (1977-03-19) March 19, 1977 (age 47)
Topeka, Kansas, U.S.
EducationSan Francisco Art Institute
Occupation(s)Artist, film director

Peter Max Lawrence (born March 19, 1977, in Topeka, Kansas) is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist, as well as performance artist, curator, filmmaker, and film director. He is known to work in painting, video installation, sculpture, photography and drawing.[1][2] Lawrence has had art exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States and Europe.[1] He has lived in San Francisco[3] and Kansas City, Missouri.

Early life[edit]

Lawrence was born in Topeka, Kansas in 1977,[1][4] and was adopted soon thereafter by Barbra and Dennis Lawrence.[citation needed] He was raised in Western Wyandotte County in Kansas where he attended St. Patricks, Bishop Ward and Kansas City Kansas Community College.[citation needed] He has identified as being gay, which has influenced his art.[5][6]

Lawrence received his B.F.A. in 2009 in new genres from the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI).[citation needed] He received the CAAC fellowship in 1999 and the Garber Grant in 2001.[1] While he was a student, he worked under artist Ian McDonald at a De Young museum artist residency and they produced a film for the Truly CA series.[7][8]

He relocated to Kansas City, Missouri,[when?] and seven years later to San Francisco[when?] to take up performance, film and video art.[citation needed]

He lived and worked in California for 15 years.[9]


His discography includes such music as Banana Blues, On Your Own Time, Queer from Kansas, and The Media.[10]

One of his early showings of his art was The Man Who Was Too Loud (2001) at the Kansas City, Kansas, Public Library, about coming out publicly as gay.[6] It was followed later in 2001, by a showing in Montreal.[6] Lawrence also was in the art exhibitions, The Indelible Sulk (2013) a solo art installation at Mission: Comics and Art in San Francisco;[11] Ungodly: The Spiritual Medium (2020) a group exhibition at Oregon Contemporary gallery in Portland, Oregon;[12] and At War (2012) with Truong Tran at SOMArts in San Francisco (as part of a curatorial residency).[13][better source needed]. Lawrence was the third artist in residence for Kalup Linzy's project Queen Rose Art House in tandem with Tulsa Artist Fellowship (2023) [2]


Paper Waster Press was a collective project with Lawrence, he first engaged with Amy Whitehead,[when?] and later with Nico Peck; the duos collaborations continued until 2011.[citation needed] Lawrence was part of, The Cries of San Francisco: Saturday Market #2 (2011), a group project by Allison Smith at Southern Exposure, San Francisco, California.[14][15] Lawrence was part of the art event, Breaking My Spell (2011) at Reykjavik Culture Night, Reykjavik, Iceland; working with fellow SFAI students Michelle Morby, Kirk Wilder, Jenalee Harmon, and Melkorka Helgadottir.[16][17][better source needed]


Live performances include collaborations and a trilogy of performances in Athens, Greece, that were the cumulative work of an extended residency at Sub Rosa Space[18] including Beyond Say: An American in Athens (2018),[19] The Umpire Strikes Back (2018),[20] Return of the Yeti (2018).[21] Lawrence performed, I Miss America (2018)[22] at CHEAPArt gallery in Athens.[23][24]

Lawrence performed Whimper (2014), The Stud bar in San Francisco.[25][26] He performed at 4WAVES: 40 Performances for the Hole (2019) in the group event in San Francisco.[27]


Lawrence has also directed music videos such as Krystle Warren's[28] I've Seen Days[29] and On that First Day of Autumn;[30] Carletta Sue Kay's, The Lady and the Creature From the Black Lagoon, For the Birds, and Just Another Beautiful Boy; Pookie and the Poodlez's, go go away from me; and The Centauros[31] featuring AL-V, Calavera in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Glitter (2005)
  • Negative Space/Jane Sommerhauser (2006)
  • Poor Pandora (Spring 2008)
  • Something to Trade (2008)
  • Queer in Kansas (2008), an autobiographical film.[32][4]
  • Warholics[5]
  • De Young (2017), an experimental documentary as part of the Truly CA series,[8]


  • 2019 – THE ONE[33][failed verification]
  • 2015 – Lid Off Film Festival, alongside the Grassroots Art Center, Lucas Area Community Theater, Lucas, Kansas[34]
  • 2014 – The News with Kolmel WithLove at SOMArts, San Francisco, California[35][36][37]


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