Pioneer Village (TTC)

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Pioneer Village
TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg
Location Steeles Avenue West,
Vaughan & Toronto, Ontario
Coordinates 43°46′39″N 79°30′41″W / 43.77750°N 79.51139°W / 43.77750; -79.51139Coordinates: 43°46′39″N 79°30′41″W / 43.77750°N 79.51139°W / 43.77750; -79.51139
Platforms Centre platform
Tracks 2
Bus operators BSicon BUS1.svg TTC
Connections BSicon BUS1.svg Steeles West Terminal (York Region Transit)
Structure type Underground
Disabled access Yes
Architect Spadina Group Associates
Other information
Status Under construction
Opening Proposed for 2018[1]
Preceding station   TTC   Following station
toward Vaughan
TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg Yonge–University Extension in 2018
toward Downsview

Pioneer Village is a subway station under construction on the Yonge–University–Spadina line in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, on its western branch, the Spadina line. It was originally planned to be a temporary terminus, with the line later extended further to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre; however, the entire extension is now set to open simultaneously. The station will be located on Steeles Avenue West at Northwest Gate.


The station was originally expected to be named Steeles West, but was renamed to Black Creek Pioneer Village on September 28, 2012 for Black Creek Pioneer Village.[2] On July 24, 2013, the unbuilt station was renamed once more, shortening it to Pioneer Village.[3]


The major buildings of York University's main Keele Campus lie to the southeast of the proposed location. Black Creek Pioneer Village, Canlan Ice Sports and Aviva Centre are found to the southwest, and the Toronto Track and Field Centre to the east.

The station will be built underground, lying on a northwest-southeast axis. The line will approach from York University station northwestward, directly under the university's main buildings, to meet the station. Construction may require the removal of the parking lot at Northwest Gate and use of vacant land next to the United Parcel Service centre in Vaughan.

The proposal includes separate TTC, YRT/VIVA and GO Transit bus terminals, with a passenger pick-up/drop-off alongside major commuter parking lots built on vacant lands north of Steeles.

Much of the station itself would exist north of Steeles, in the city of Vaughan in York Region. This would be the first time a TTC subway facility will extend beyond the current City of Toronto.

The Spadina Group Associates has been commissioned for the station's design, which features entrances on the southeast and northwest sides; their layout will mirror each other, giving the overall design a symmetrical effect. The southeast entrance (in Toronto) is to have a TTC bus terminal attached, while the northwest entrance (in Vaughan) features a YRT terminal. The southwest corner of the intersection would also include an oculus for a light cone above the platform. The station would have three levels overall: the entrances at street level, separate concourses just below them, and the platform at bottom. Enough space is planned between Steeles Avenue and the subway tunnel to allow an underground station for a future Light Rail Transit line. A large commuter lot will be situated in the hydro corridor to the north.[4]

On November 27, 2009 the official ground breaking ceremony was held for the Spadina Extension, and tunnelling began in June 2011. The project was expected to be completed by the autumn of 2016,[5] but it is now estimated that 31 December 2017 would be the earliest achievable date to deliver the project.[1]

Transit City proposal[edit]

The Transit City proposal called for a new LRT line known as the Jane LRT line, running along Jane Street from Steeles West Station to Jane Station. The Transit City plan was abandoned by Toronto Mayor Ford in December 2010.


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