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Vaughan Transit
Vaughan Transit logo.png
LocaleVaughan, Ontario
Service typeBus service
Fleet23 (2000)
Fuel typeDiesel
OperatorCan-Ar Coach Service

Vaughan Transit was the transit provider in the town of Vaughan, in southwest York Region, Ontario, Canada. The service operated from 1973 until 2001, when it was merged into York Region Transit.


Vaughan Transit routes tended to snake around side streets and not in the traditional grid format (north south or west east routing):

  • Route 1 Woodbridge (Steeles via Islington) – became YRT route 11
  • Route 2 Pine Valley (Steeles to Aberdeen) – became YRT route 12, later merged with route 6
  • Route 3 Islington (Steeles to Rutherford) – became YRT route 13
  • Route 3A Islington (Steeles to Kleinburg)
  • Route 4 Major Mackenzie (Maple to Richmond Hill)
  • Route 4A Major Mackenzie (Langstaff to Richmond Hill)
  • Route 4B Major Mackenzie (Wonderland to Richmond Hill)
  • Route 5 Clark (Glen Shields to Finch Station)
  • Route 6 Ansley Grove (Steeles to Langstaff) – later merged with route 2 to form a new YRT route 12.
  • Route 7 Martin Grove (Steeles to Highway 27)
  • Route 7A Martin Grove (Steeles to Coronation)
  • Route 7B Martin Grove (Highway 7 to Highway 27 via Steeles)
  • Route 8 New Westminster (Steeles to Bathurst. Extended to York University circa 2001) – YRT route 18, merged with former Markham Transit route 3 to form a YRT route 3
  • Route 9 Rutherford – incorporated into YRT route 85
  • Route 27 Highway 27 (Steeles to Highway 7)
  • Route 46 Maple/Woodbridge (Steeles to Richmond Hill) – restructured, became YRT route 10
  • Route 77 Highway 7 via Centre (Finch Station to Brampton)
  • Route 77A Highway 7 via Clark (Finch Station to Brampton – Sundays only)
  • Route 77E Highway 7 Express

Routes 77, 77A, and 77E were run in conjunction with Brampton Transit.

Information from a November 1999 rollsign transcribed here.


Vaughan Transit operated a total of 35 buses:

Current YRT status (2012):

There are no original buses running today. The last one retired in November 2011, Which was 1046.

Handicapped/disabled access denotes wheelchair accessibility


Vaughan buses were maintained Can-ar Maintenance Facility – Division 4. Buses were stored in two outdoor locations on Creditstone Road and Caldari Road. The facilities were retained by York Region Transit's contractors, who are the same that served for Vaughan Transit.

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  • Martin Grove Road and Steeles Avenue (shared with TTC)
  • Kipling Avenue and Steeles Avenue (shared with TTC)
  • Islington Avenue and Steeles Avenue (shared with TTC)


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Public transit in Vaughan
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