École Polytechnique de l'Université de Nantes

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École polytechnique de l'Université de Nantes
Former names
Type Grande école
Established January 2000
Director René Le Gall
Administrative staff
200 (2017)
Students 1,600 (2017)
Postgraduates 7,500
Address Polytech Nantes
La Chantrerie
Rue Christian Pauc
CS 50609
, France
Campus multiple campuses : Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and La Roche-sur-Yon
Affiliations University of Nantes, Polytech group, Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
Website [1]

École polytechnique de l'Université de Nantes (also known as Polytech Nantes) is a French Grande École which provides curricula and run research programmes in a variety of scientific and technological fields:

  • electronic and digital technologies
  • civil engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • process and bioprocess engineering
  • computer science
  • materials science
  • thermal and energy science
  • energies (by apprenticeship)
  • networking and telecoms systems(by apprenticeship)

Polytech Nantes offers scientific and multidisciplinary training courses which correspond to high-level international master's degrees (Master of Science, Master of engineering with Honors). Scientific, technical, professional, linguistic, social and human elements are critical aspects of the course and the hallmarks of a French engineer. French speaking students may attend any semester's programmes in French.

Deadlines for applications : • Autumn semester (September to January) or for the entire year. Deadlines for applications: April 30 • Spring semester (January to May). Deadlines for applications: November 15

Five engineering specialities currently offer engineering semesters in English: • Computer Science (Spring and Autumn – M1 and M2 level) • Electronic and Digital Technologies (Autumn semester only - M2 level) • Electrical Engineering (Autumn semester only - M2 level) • Process and Bioprocess Engineering (Autumn semester only - M2 level) • Thermal and Energy Sciences (Autumn semester only - M2 level)

The school has agreements with more than 50 foreign universities and companies, as well as European universities through Erasmus+ exchange programs. It allows Polytech Nantes to receive and send students wishing to gain experience of working abroad. Incoming students receive a warm welcome when they arrive at Polytech Nantes. Its international partnerships have allowed Polytech Nantes to develop a complete range of programs taught in English, thanks to the quality of its research and teaching staff.

International master's degrees :

  • Master 2 Data Science / Advanced courses in data science, performing analyses and interpreting data.
  • Master 2 Electrical Energy / Advanced courses in electrical energy (sustainable development, multi-source systems, energy conversion...)
  • Master 2 Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering /Advanced courses to develop industrial processes for microalgae valorization.
  • Master 2 Thermal Science and Energy /Advanced courses in heat transfer, fluid mechanics and energy systems.
  • Master 2 Visual Computing /Advanced courses in visual information acquisition, processing, analysis and rendering.
  • Master 2 Wireless Embedded Technologies /Advanced courses in the design and control of wireless communicating objects.

General information[edit]

It is located on three distinct campuses:

The school was created in January 2000 through the merging of three existing engineering schools: ESA-IGELEC, IRESTE, and ISITEM.


Polytech Nantes is a department of the University of Nantes and a member of the Polytech group which is a network of 14 graduate engineering schools within France's leading science universities located in Marseille, Nantes, Montpellier, Nice, Annecy-Chambéry, Grenoble, Paris Upmc, Paris sud, Clermont-Ferrand, Orléans, Tours, Lyon, Lille and Nancy.

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