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Current specifications
RS-X linedrawing.svg
Crew 1
Type Sailboard
Design One Design
Neil Pryde
Construction GRP & Carbon
LOA 2.86 m (9 ft 5 in)
Beam .93 m (3 ft 1 in)
Hull weight

15.5 kg (34 lb)

Volume 231 l (51 imp gal; 61 US gal)
Mast height

male: 5.2 m (17 ft)

female: 4.9 m (16 ft)
Mainsail area

male: 9.5 m2 (102 sq ft)

female: 8.5 m2 (91 sq ft)
Year 2004
Designer Jean Bouldoires & Robert Stroj
Infobox last updated: 20-APR-2010
Olympic class
RS X - the olympic board.JPG

RS:X is a windsurfing discipline selected by the ISAF[1] to replace the Mistral One Design Class class for the 2008 Summer Olympics. The discipline has similarities to formula windsurfing - mainly in that the equipment used was designed to allow windsurfing in low and moderate wind conditions with good performance.

RS:X equipment includes a board with a daggerboard, and a sail of a specified size. The board measures 286 cm in length and 93 cm in width. Unlike formula boards, it is quite heavy - 15.5 kg, which is almost twice that of regular competition formula boards, but is very similar to the weight of Raceboards such as the previous Olympic board, Mistral One Design Class. Although the mistral board has a weight of 17 kg ready to sail, the RS:X board weighs more than 19 kg.

The RS:X seems to be a compromise between traditional Raceboards which work well in 5-35 knots, and Formula boards which go fast in 12-30 knots, and has shown itself to be competitive with past Raceboards in the medium wind range. Nevertheless, the RS:X is very slow in subplaning conditions (compared with any other sailing craft).

The shape and design of the RS:X sail is based on that of the Neil Pryde formula windsurfing sail RS4.



Year Gold Silver Bronze
2008 Beijing
 China (CHN)
Yin Jian
 Italy (ITA)
Alessandra Sensini
 Great Britain (GBR)
Bryony Shaw
2008 Beijing
 New Zealand (NZL)
Tom Ashley
 France (FRA)
Julien Bontemps
 Israel (ISR)
Shahar Tzuberi
2012 London
 Spain (ESP)
Marina Alabau
 Finland (FIN)
Tuuli Petäjä
 Poland (POL)
Zofia Klepacka
2012 London
 Netherlands (NED)
Dorian van Rijsselberghe
 Great Britain (GBR)
Nick Dempsey
 Poland (POL)
Przemysław Miarczyński

Men's World Championship[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2006 Torbole  Casper Bouman (NED)  Tom Ashley (NZL)  Przemysław Miarczyński (POL)
2007 Cascais  Ricardo Santos (BRA)  Przemysław Miarczyński (POL)  Nick Dempsey (USA)
2008 Auckland  Tom Ashley (NZL)  João Rodrigues (POR)  Shahar Tzuberi (ISR)
2009 Weymouth  Nick Dempsey (GBR)  Nimrod Mashiah (ISR)  Dorian van Rijsselberghe (NED)
2010 Kerteminde  Piotr Myszka (POL)  Przemysław Miarczyński (POL)  Nimrod Mashiah (ISR)
2011 Perth  Dorian van Rijsselberghe (NED)  Piotr Myszka (POL)  Nimrod Mashiah (ISR)
2012 Cadiz  Julien Bontemps (FRA)  Nick Dempsey (GBR)  Jon-Paul Tobin (NZL)
2013 Buzios  Nick Dempsey (GBR)  Dorian van Rijsselberghe (NED)  Byron Kokkalanis (GRE)

Women's World Championship[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2006 Torbole  Alessandra Sensini (ITA)  Marina Alabau (ESP)  Faustine Merret (FRA)
2007 Cascais  Zofia Klepacka (POL)  Barbara Kendall (NZL)  Jessica Crisp (AUS)
2008 Auckland  Alessandra Sensini (ITA)  Barbara Kendall (NZL)  Marina Alabau (ESP)
2009 Weymouth  Marina Alabau (ESP)  Blanca Manchon (ESP)  Charline Picon (FRA)
2010 Kerteminde  Blanca Manchon (ESP)  Alessandra Sensini (ITA)  Charline Picon (FRA)
2011 Perth  Lee Korzits (ISR)  Zofia Klepacka (POL)  Marina Alabau (ESP)
2012 Cadiz  Lee Korzits (ISR)  Zofia Klepacka  (POL)  Alessandra Sensini (ITA)
2013 Buzios  Lee Korzits (ISR)  Byrony Shaw  (GBR)  Maayan Davidovich (ISR)

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