Renault Primastella

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Renault Primastella
Manufacturer Renault
Production 1932-1935
Assembly Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Designer Louis Renault
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size car
Large family car
Body style 4-door Sedan
4-door Convertible
2-door Convertible
Layout FR layout
Platform Renault Vivastella
Related Renault Vivasix
Renault Vivastella
Engine Straight-6 3180cc 16CV, 65HP
Straight-6 3620cc 16CV, 85HP
Transmission 3-speed Manual
Wheelbase 2950 mm
Length 4250 mm
Width 1800 mm
Curb weight 1150-1200kg
Predecessor Renault Monastella
Successor Renault Novaquatre

The Renault Primastella (Type PG8) was an Mid-size luxury car or Executive car automobile manufactured between 1932 and 1935 by Renault.

Details and Evolutions[edit]

The Primastella was released in 1932 with a 6 cylinders 16CV engine, derived from that of the Renault Vivastella but with a slightly smaller cylinder bore. The Primastella "Type PG8" was produced until 1933.

At the 27th Paris Motor Show, in October 1933, the Primastella "Type PG10" appeared.[1] It featured Renault's "aérodynamique" body style, most readily distinguishable by a sloping tail in place of the very vertical one of the earlier Primastella PG8.[1] It was the manufacturer's intention to provide new "aérodynamique" bodies across their range, and this they achieved by the middle of 1934, but the Primastella and the larger cars were already sporting this new look before the end of 1933.[1]


  • PG8 (1932-1933)
  • PG10 (1933-1935)


  • Speed: 130 km/h
  • Power: 65HP (16 CV), 85HP (16CV)
  • Brakes: with cables on drums AV and AR
  • Battery: 6 V

Sources and notes[edit]

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