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Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics and Space's solid fuel rockets are classified as "RX" (Roket Eksperimental), followed by their diameter in millimeters. For example, the RX-100 has a diameter of 100 mm.[1]

Rocket engines[edit]

This family is composed by:[2]

  • RX-75
  • RX-100 (Diameter of 110 mm length of 1900 mm mass of 30 kg and length of 1900 mm. Functions: to test rocket payload subsystems. Propellant type: solid-composite Fuel time: 2.5 seconds, Flight time: 70 seconds Maximum speed: Mach 1. Range: 11 km, 7000m altitude, Payload: Diagnostic,: GPS, altitude meter, gyro, 3-axis accelerometer, CPU processor and battery.)
  • RX-150
  • RX-250 (part of RX-250-LPN) (Gross mass 300 kg, height 5.30 m, diameter 0.25 m, thrust 52.00 kN, burn time 6.00 s. Eight launches from 1987 to 2007.[3][4])
  • RX-320 (part of Pengorbitan-2) (Thrust 52.00 kN, burn time 9.00 s.[5] Launched on 2 July and 30 May 2008 from Pameungpeuk, West Java[6])
  • RX-420 (part of Pengorbitan-1) (Thrust 94.10 kN, burn time 12.30 s.[7] Launched on 2 July 2009 from Pameungpeuk, West Java[8] )
  • RX-550 (part of Pengorbitan-2) (Thrust 245.20 kN, burn time 15.00 s.[9] Planned[10])
  • RX-750 (planned)

Multistage rockets[edit]

  • SLV-I - 1st stage three RX-420, 2nd stage one RX-420, 3rd stage three RX-320.[11]
  • Pengorbitan-2/RX-520 - 1st stage three RX-420, 2nd stage one RX-420, 3rd stage one RX-420, 4th stage one RX-320