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Rose Aguilar
Rose Aguilar.jpg
Alma mater Saint Mary's College of California[1]
Occupation Journalist

Rose Aguilar is a progressive journalist and radio host from San Francisco, California.[2]



Since 2006, Aguilar has hosted Your Call, a daily public affairs radio show on NPR-affiliate KALW FM 91.7. Prior to becoming the show's host, Aguilar was a producer and guest host for the show.[2] Aguilar also hosts the Activist Beat with Rose Aguilar, "a weekly roundup of progressive activism that the mainstream media ignores, undercovers, or misrepresents."[3][4]

Before joining KALW, Aguilar spent eight years as a reporter with CNET Radio, where she reported on technology's impact on society.[1]


Aguilar is the author of Red Highways: A Liberal's Journey into the Heartland, which documented a six-month road trip she took to the so-called "red states" to interview people about issues and voting tendencies.[5]

Aguilar is a contributor to the book Red State Rebels: Tales of Grassroots Resistance in the Heartland.[5]

Aguilar writes a weekly commentary for KPFK. Aguilar also writes for AlterNet and Truthout, and offers political analysis for the BBC.[6][7]

Community involvement[edit]

Aguilar sits on the board of the Women's Intercultural Network (WIN), a non-profit organization working to connect girls and women across borders.[8] Aguilar speaks about the media, women's issues, and progressive politics on panels and at conferences.[6][9] Aguilar is a member of the Native American Journalists Association, San Francisco Women on the Web and Journalism and Women Symposium,[1] and is a vegan.[10]


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