Saptaparni Cave

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Saptparni Cave or Sattaparnaguha Cave is located on a hill where the first Buddhist council was held immediately after Buddha attained Nirvana.[1] The cave is a source Rajgir's hot springs, having curative properties, thus making it sacred to the Hindus.

First Buddhist Council: 400 BC Held soon after the mahaparinirvana of the Buddha, around 400 BC under the patronage of king Ajatshatru with the monk Mahakasyapa presiding, at Rajgriha, in the Sattapani Cave. The idea was to preserve Buddha’s teachings (Sutta) and rules for disciples (Vinaya). Ananda, one of the great disciples of Buddha recited Suttas and Upali, another disciple recited Vinaya. Abhidhamma Pitaka was also included.

It is said[who?] to also have a Burmese Temple, being a Jain exhibit as a modern Japanese temple.


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