September 2006 Sardasht incident

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September 2006 Iran-Iraq cross-border raid
Part of Iran–PJAK conflict
Date September, 2006
Location Sardasht
Iran Iran Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK)
Casualties and losses
30+ killed, 40 injured (Iranian claim)

September 2006 Sardasht incident or the September 2006 Iran-Iraq cross-border raid was a military operation on Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan border, in which at least 30 Kurdish militants of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) were allegedly killed by Iranian security forces and 40 injured.[1]

Following the clash a PJAK spokesman inside Iraq declared an immediate, unilateral ceasefire.[1] A senior Iranian military spokesman Hamid Ahmadi rejected the call, saying: "A ceasefire with a terrorist group doesn't make any sense."[1]

The fighting came a week after the Revolutionary Guards announced a new military offensive against PJAK, or the Free Life party of Kurdistan, with the intention of driving them from their positions in Iran.[1]

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