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Dr. Sampurnanand Sports Stadium
Sigra Stadium
Ground information
Location Sigra, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Establishment 1964
Capacity 10,000[1]
Owner Government of Uttar Pradesh
Operator Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association
Tenants Uttar Pradesh cricket team
End names
Team information
Uttar Pradesh cricket team (1964-)
As of 12 September, 2014

Dr Sampurnanand Sports Stadium, nicknamed Sigra Stadium, is located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The stadium is the main stadium in the city where first-class cricket matches are held since 1964 to 2003.


The ground is managed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. This stadium is a multi-dimensional sports facility with excellent support features. The ground was host to a varied set of state and national level events; this complex has volleyball, football and Kabaddi grounds. Also known as Sigra Stadium, this facility hosts a range of cultural and entertainment events of the locality as well. Training sessions of different events are held here on a daily basis and lot of youngsters from the area are the beneficiaries. A conspicuous landmark in the region, this sports facility should not be missed in a trip to the enchanting city of Varanasi.

Ranji Trophy matches[edit]

# Team 1 Team 2 Winner Year
1 Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh 1964
2 Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan Rajasthan 1970
3 Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh 1978
4 Uttar Pradesh Baroda Match Draw 1988
5 Uttar Pradesh Baroda Match Draw 2003
6 Uttar Pradesh Railways Railways 2003


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