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How come "Withered hand" redirects here? There is nothing in this article about any reference to it, if anything it should redirect to Kaiser Wilhelm II. 17:16, 25 June 2007 (UTC)


This was removed: "According to his autobiography, Jeremy Beadle never married because since an nasty experience with a stalker in the 80s he has a fear of the opposite sex." However, if you read his autobiography you will see that this is true. I suggest it be added back in. 15:05, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

i can relate to that.

But he WAS married - all the obituaries state he leaves behind a wife, children and stepchildren Smurfmeister (talk) 09:54, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

His initial reluctance to marry was because he didn't like being told what to do by authority - nothing to do with the stalker. --Shylocksboy (talk) 04:02, 7 January 2011 (UTC)


im only looking at this page cause im drunk and beadle died. i remember a documentary which spoken of beadle being a well known magician and thoughout the program he was giving his opinoins on tricks. anyways, i think this warrents a mention! R.I.P. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 05:22, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

Me too - he appeared in Channel 4's 100 Greatest Magic Tricks, and he was also a member of the magic circle. (talk) 14:06, 5 February 2008 (UTC)


Changed "Ironically, as a keen supporter of Children With Leukaemia, he was diagnosed with leukaemia in April 2005, but the condition is not thought to be life-threatening."

Beadle's contraction of the disease is not ironic in the formal sense of the word! Maerk 10:43, 20 April 2006 (UTC)


Beadle was mocked for this disability during an episode of sitcom The Office. Ricky Gervais, the show's creator, was called to apologise, but refused "due to factors"[citation needed].

- This is untrue. The actual line refers to another employee at Wernham Hogg and is "Some comedians will have picked on other stuff, you know, been more nasty. Like he's got a little withered hand, like Jeremy Beadle - I didn't mention it. No need." I can't find any references to an alleged call to apologise, so I've removed it. Goose 09:00, 16 June 2006 (UTC)

Just for information, Beadle _was_ mocked by Gervais on his radio show where they discuss a tv show idea where contestants have to suck the most deformed body part of a celebrity. It got pretty disgusting. Beadle was mocked for his disability by numerous comedians over the years. I find is amazing and disappointing that so many people resorted to making fun of someone brave enough to try to make it on tv with a visible disability, and to do so in a way no more sophisticated than you hear in a school playground. (talk) 03:38, 29 April 2015 (UTC)

Hold on a mo[edit]

When was JB on Just A Minute? Never caught him on it. Or it was so long ago I have forgotten. Pliny 18:06, 20 June 2006 (UTC)

He made two appearances in 1983 - see (talk) 18:43, 28 January 2008 (UTC)

M*A*S*H appearance[edit]

Removed requiring citation. --Stx 21:28, 29 July 2006 (UTC) Not seen him in it. Have watched the whole series more than once. Think he would stand out if he was in it. Put it down to an error I would. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 18:56, 2 February 2008 (UTC)

He was in a version of M*A*S*H that was part of Comic Relief or Children in Need, back in the late 80s or early 90s. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jrl101 (talkcontribs) 17:46, 27 February 2008 (UTC)


"As of date, Beadle's family stretches into the Stanley family, Wright and Jarvis. This was included in his autobiography. His current wife is Joanna Ayre." - Bad grammar - I'm not quite quite what is actually meant. Jooler 02:58, 30 July 2006 (UTC)


Is the dismemberment of the UK/GB happening before our eyes on wikipedia?Pliny 23:28, 13 August 2006 (UTC)


He became an MBE for his services to charity. Beadle is a keen supporter of the charity Children With Leukaemia, and by coincidence he was diagnosed with leukaemia in April 2005.

I removed from here that it was an "amusing" coincidence, as I don't feel that it is appropriate. However, this was reverted by a non-account user, and I've just reverted it back. So opening this up for further opinion on the matter.--Mewcenary 14:15, 13 October 2006 (UTC)

I think the concept of coincidence should be removed. Just say that he was active against the disease before he was diagnosed. Then let the readers think it was a coincidence if they want to. I'll go ahead and make this change. Steve Dufour 14:50, 4 November 2007 (UTC)

This will probably need to be semi-protected[edit]

I imagine a massive onslaught of vandalism following his death. The article got vandalised a lot during his life, and it's gonna be worse now. It appears that details haven't been given out yet, just a confirmation of the death.--h i s s p a c e r e s e a r c h 18:58, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

- Did he actually appear in a programme called "fun hand factory" in 1980, or is this vandalism? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:18, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

It's vandalism, clearly.--h i s s p a c e r e s e a r c h 19:26, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

- Sorry, wasn't that obvious so I wasn't sure. I see its been locked now anyway, probably for best. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:32, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

"Losing his battle with pneumonia"[edit]

Bit of a cliché? Not very encyclopaedic? How about just "died" or "succumbed to pneumonia"? (talk) 20:03, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

Bickershaw Festival[edit]

I remember reading reports about his involvment with this....????? anyone

Mentioned in an obit, so added. David Underdown (talk) 10:11, 31 January 2008 (UTC)


He is listed as having four children, yet according to the BBC's death report, two of them are his stepchildren - this should be changed when the article becomes unprotected again. Smurfmeister (talk) 09:56, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

It's only semi-protected, I've clarified this based on the BBC article. David Underdown (talk) 10:11, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

Damn. Locked before I could use this one...

Next time the editor of this article could be you.


Not quite sure of the date sequences but I seem to remember that both The Deceivers and Eureka! started airing on BBC2 at least concurrently with or after GFAL, not before, as that section seems to suggest. Anyone got any definitive Tx dates for these? ds (talk) 17:13, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

(talk) 11:38 AM, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

The Deceivers ran during January and February 1981. Game For a Laugh started in September that year. Eureka started in November 1982 (that's 1982) and ran for years but Beadle only did the first series. - (talk) 14:14, 3 February 2008 (UTC)

Also, there is a link to The Deceivers in the body article, that links incorrectly to a 1988 Pierce Brosnan film of the same name. Can this link be removed please. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 01:31, 4 February 2008 (UTC)

Done. There's nothing to stop you doing that yourself, of course. Bretonbanquet (talk) 01:34, 4 February 2008 (UTC)


Wasn't there an incident in which he assisted in the suicide of one of his friends? I seem to recall something of this on the television. --Counter-revolutionary (talk) 19:26, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

It was mentioned in the BBC News source yesterday but it's not there now. anemoneprojectors 22:03, 31 January 2008 (UTC)
Perhaps there's a legal issue for its removal, I'm not sure. --Counter-revolutionary (talk) 00:47, 1 February 2008 (UTC)
Well, assisted suicide is illegal in the UK... anemoneprojectors 14:14, 1 February 2008 (UTC)
Indeed, I was referring more to a legal issue involving the repetition of the incident. --Counter-revolutionary (talk) 14:16, 1 February 2008 (UTC)
I know :) But he can't exactly sue them now can he? anemoneprojectors 15:31, 1 February 2008 (UTC)
Indeed!!--Counter-revolutionary (talk) 15:34, 1 February 2008 (UTC)

The Capital Radio years[edit]

I was an avid listener to his radio show in the late 1970s on Capital. His jingle was "Beadlebum, Beadlebum, Be Be Beadlebum 353-8111" which was the number for callers to use. His book "Today's the Day" was a compendium of the stories he featured on the show for every day of the year. (talk) 19:41, 31 January 2008 (UTC) ESG Southampton

353 8111 was LBC's dial-in number, not Capital's. I used to answer the phone there.

The ditty started:

"Beadlebum, Beadlebum, Be Be Beadlebum, Beadlebum Beadlebum on 261 (LBC's AM Frequency) Pick up the phone and join in the fun on 353 8111." Skid001 (talk) 22:09, 3 February 2008 (UTC)

Charity work[edit]

While he was apparently very active in raising money for charity's supporting sick children, raising (so it is claimed) over £100,000,000, i think it's worth mentioning that he he did not use this charity work to promote his own career. I for one did not know he was involved in raising so mush as 1p for charity, so it would seem safe to say he used his fame to promote the charity, but not the charity to promote him self. A commendable attribute. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:02, 2 February 2008 (UTC)

There is an article detailing what Jeremy did for charity on our website if anyone wants to add it as an External link on Jeremy's page: - I don't really think it would be appropriate for me to add it - thanks Danzella (sorry not really sure how to sign these things). —Preceding unsigned comment added by Danzella (talkcontribs) 11:29, 6 February 2008 (UTC)

How do I post a photo?[edit]

I do have a photograph of Jeremy Beadle to post but am completely flummoxed by the instructions. I follow them all and get no where. Is there anyone out there I can email a picture to so the can post it?

Bob Hinton —Preceding unsigned comment added by Bob Hinton (talkcontribs) 14:01, 6 February 2008 (UTC)

I found a picture what do you think. comment added by Frog 1234567

Jeremy Beadle's talents[edit]

Mentorsmentor (talk) 16:36, 16 February 2008 (UTC) Would it not be reasonable to acknowledge VERY CLEARLY AND CONSPICUOUSLY, in every one of his biographical notes, Beadle's great debt to ALAN FUNT and the long-running TV programme "CANDID CAMERA" which was watched with delight even before (and since) Beadle was born? Is there any record of Beadle acknowledging this debt? The main difference (if any) between "Candid Camera" and Beadle's copies was, perhaps, that Beadle seemed not to mind being cruel to his victims, whereas Candid Camera seemed always to strive to avoid going this far.Mentorsmentor (talk) 16:36, 16 February 2008 (UTC)

That be more appropriate in the Beadle's About article? Funt, I'm sure, is not responsible for Beadle's career. This is a biographical article about Beadle, not the individual shows. The JPStalk to me 17:33, 16 February 2008 (UTC)

It wouldn't. Beadle didn't owe anything to Alan Funt or Candid Camera. He did owe a lot to Ralph Edwards who had a radio then television show called Truth Or Consequences. Funt worked for Ralph Edwards (who also created This Is Your Life, and he ripped off the idea to create Candid Camera. T or C was then featured in Game For A Laugh and developed in the UK as Beadle's About so, in fact, Funt ripped off Beadle's About albeit unknowingly. --Shylocksboy (talk) 04:11, 7 January 2011 (UTC)


I'm a great believer in "de mortuis nil nisi bonum", but this is an encyclopedic entry not a tribute, and I think it may be worth pointing out how in his heyday Jeremy was hated as much as he was loved. The most obvious evidence of this was in the song that Spitting Image devoted to him in one of their early 90s shows, called "We All Hate Jeremy Beadle". It was basically a whole series of figures from all walks of life showing how, despite their differences, they were all united by a common hatred of Mr Beadle. Another example that springs to mind is Tony Slattery's exhortation at an awards ceremony that everyone should "kill Jeremy Beadle". At the moment these are only memories of mine, however I'm sure they can be verified with a little rooting around. Do people feel it would be appropriate or inappropriate? Tobycek (talk) 00:20, 25 February 2008 (UTC)

You have a point. At the height of his popularity he was a national figure of dislike, even though it was all probably good-natured. Even his BBC obituary talks (at some length) about his "public vilification" [1]. I'm sure some neutral references could be turned up to support some neutral description of this aspect of his career, but I don't think the article should focus on it too much. He remained popular in spite, or perhaps because, of it. -- zzuuzz (talk) 01:09, 25 February 2008 (UTC)

Candid Camera[edit]

I remember seeing an interview of Jeremy where he was discussing the history of filming pranks. Candid Camera was mentioned of course, and Jeremy said he had bought the rights to Candid Camera a few years beforehand. This isn't mentioned in the article. (talk) 21:44, 16 May 2008 (UTC)

Jack The Ripper[edit]

The article doesn't mention that he was a avid "Ripperologist" who amassed a large library of material on the subject and participated in the bi-annual conferences in the UK, often acting as the MC. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 10:05, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

Radio 3[edit]

Does anyone have a reference for the Radio 3 work ? Is he being confused with Jeremy John Beadle? —Preceding unsigned comment added by AtomBoy (talkcontribs) 13:30, 3 October 2009 (UTC)

None of the obituaries mention a connection with R3, and Googling rather confirms the confusion suggested above, so I have cut the reference. He does appear to have worked for Radio 2, but much later in his career, not earlier as implied. A quick check does not uncover anything precise. Much of the article is maddeningly vague, and I have tried to deal with this. Philip Cross (talk) 21:02, 24 February 2010 (UTC)

Appearance on The Looking glass - DJ Fresh[edit]

Jeremy features on the track The Looking Glass off of the album Escape from Planet Monday. I was wondering if there was any possible place to include this. Nerter (talk) 11:11, 2 July 2010 (UTC) You aure that's not the other Jeremy Beadle? The gay writer one? --Shylocksboy (talk) 04:14, 7 January 2011 (UTC)

Nope, it's definitely this Beadle... he's on the hidden track as well doing an advert for the album. (talk) 00:14, 3 February 2011 (UTC)

Poland Syndrome[edit]

It says here that the PS is genetic but in the PS article it says the cause is unknown. What is the evidence that it is genetic? (talk) 09:54, 16 August 2011 (UTC)