Tham Pla–Namtok Pha Suea National Park

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Tham Pla–Namtok Pha Suea National Park
Maehongson 001.JPG
Pha Suea Waterfall
Map showing the location of Tham Pla–Namtok Pha Suea National Park
Map showing the location of Tham Pla–Namtok Pha Suea National Park
Park location in Thailand
LocationMae Hong Son Province, Thailand
Nearest cityMae Hong Son
Coordinates19°30′8″N 98°0′23″E / 19.50222°N 98.00639°E / 19.50222; 98.00639Coordinates: 19°30′8″N 98°0′23″E / 19.50222°N 98.00639°E / 19.50222; 98.00639
Area630 km2 (240 sq mi)
Established23 December 2010
Governing bodyDepartment of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation

Tham Pla–Namtok Pha Suea National Park (Thai: อุทยานแห่งชาติถ้ำปลา–น้ำตกผาเสื่อ) is a national park in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. It is home to caves, waterfalls and steep mountain terrain. It was established as a national park on 23 December 2010.[1]


Tham Pla–Namtok Pha Suea National Park is about 18 kilometres (10 mi) northwest of Mae Hong Son in Mueang and Pang Mapha Districts. The park's area is 630 square kilometres (240 sq mi). The highest point is Doi Lan peak at 1,918 metres (6,300 ft) in the Daen Lao Range.[2] The northern and western sides of the park border Burma's Shan and Kayah states respectively.


The park's main attraction is Tham Pla ("fish cave"), a water-filled cave hosting hundreds of soro brook carp. The fish are revered by locals and a nearby Hindu statue is said to protect them.[3] Other caves include Tham Pha Daeng, a limestone cavern around 1 kilometre (0.6 mi) in depth.[2]

Waterfalls include the Pha Suea waterfall at 15 metres (50 ft) high and Mae Sa-nga Klang waterfall also 15 metres (50 ft) high. Mae Sa-nga Klang is above the Mae Sa-nga Dam, a hydroelectric dam 37 metres (100 ft) high and 160 metres (500 ft) long.[2]

Flora and fauna[edit]

The park features forest types including mixed deciduous, deciduous dipterocarp, pine and evergreen.[2] Tree species include Lagerstroemia floribunda, tabaek, Shorea obtusa, Shorea siamensis, Sindora siamensis, makha, Xylia xylocarpa, teak, Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Terminalia pedicelleta, takian, Sumatran pine and Khasi pine.[4]

Animal species include goral, gaur, serow, barking deer and wild boar.[4]


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