Pavalavannam Temple

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Tiru Pavala Vanam
Tiru Pavala Vanam is located in Tamil Nadu
Tiru Pavala Vanam
Tiru Pavala Vanam
Location in Tamil Nadu
Coordinates 12°50′40″N 79°42′16″E / 12.84444°N 79.70444°E / 12.84444; 79.70444Coordinates: 12°50′40″N 79°42′16″E / 12.84444°N 79.70444°E / 12.84444; 79.70444
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Kanchipuram
Location Kanchipuram
Architectural styles Dravidian architecture

Tiru Pavala Vannam or Pavalavanam temple is a Divya Desam, Hindu Vaishnavite temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, located at located in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the 108 divyadesams or holy abodes of Lord Vishnu.

Darshan, Sevas and Festivals[edit]

Pavalavannan temple tank

The temple follows the traditions of the Thenkalai sect of Vaishnavite tradition Vaikunta Ekadesi and during the Tamil month of Margazhi draws lot of pilgrims.


Among the 12 alwars (the great saints in Vaishnavite tradition) three of them namely Peyalvar, Thirumalisai Alvar and Thirumangai Alvar have sung on the different forms of God in this temple. Many acharyas have also written songs on the various forms of God in this Temple. The temple faces west and the twin aswins have worshipped the Lord here.[1]

Travel and Stay[edit]

It is in the heart of Kanchipuram city, which is 70 km away from Chennai. Lots of transportation and accommodation facilities are available in vicinity.


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