Tovuz District

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Map of Azerbaijan showing Tovuz rayon
Population 157,000
Area (km²) 1,942
Capital Tovuz

Tovuz is a rayon of Azerbaijan. It is situated between Shemkir and Agstafa, 360 km from Baku and 107 km from Tbilisi city. A major train line runs through the center, stopping at Tovuz Stansiya. Tovuz also borders Armenia near the village of Alibeyli.

The town of Tovuz is a municipal center of this rayon.


Tovuz covers 412 km². The rayon is mountainous in the south, where it is crossed by the Lesser Caucasus mountains.[1]

The region includes rich deposits of ores and precious metals, notably gold.[2]


The recorded population in 2009 stood at 157,400 people,[3] split among 113 settlements.


  • IZEL Hotel
  • Ayan Palaces


The region is dominated by agriculture. Wine, fruit, vegetables and grain crops are all produced along with cattle.[1]

Notable residents[edit]


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Coordinates: 40°59′32″N 45°37′44″E / 40.9922°N 45.6289°E / 40.9922; 45.6289