Tulsi Bai Holkar

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Maharani Tulsi Bai Holkar (born c. 1788 - 20 December 1817) was a queen of Maharaja Yashwant Rao Holkar. She was a daughter of Ajiba, a priest of the Manbhoo sect.


Tulsi Bai didn't have any child. After the death of Yashwantrao Holkar, Tulsi bai became regent for 4 year old Malhar Rao Holkar II, son of Yashwantrao from another of his wife. When she was on the way to join Baji Rao Peshwa to fight against the British, General John Malcolm arrived near Mahidpur and started negotiations. Tulsi Bai was in favor of British terms, but some Generals of her army refused. Tulsi Bai was not much in command of the army. Tulsi Bai also was accused of having sexual intercourse with a British soldier in the British army's camp.[1] Tension escalated and in the morning of 20 December 1817, her own soldiers beheaded her on the banks of the Shipra River near Mahidpur and her body was thrown in the river.[2][3]


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