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Born(1734-04-06)6 April 1734
OccupationWife and administrator

Parvatibai (Marathi: पार्वतीबाई)(6 April 1734 – 23 September ) was second wife of Sadashivrao Bhau. She was from Kolhatkar family of Pen was married to Sadashivrao Bhau after the death of his first wife Umabai and hence became a member of the Peshwa family. She was also a trusted confidante of Shahuji. Her niece Radhikabai was married to Vishwasrao.

Panipat Campaign[edit]

When the Marathas's under Sadashivrao went to North India she escorted her husband. On the way to Panipat she performed pilgrimage at Mathura and Vrindavan along with Nana Phadnavis and other women folks in Maratha camp. She was present in the final battle fought on 14 January 1761 and was successfully led out of the battlefield by some loyal men of Sadashivrao. She accidentally met Malharrao Holkar on her escape route, who carried her off safely to south of river Chambal.[1]

Death of her Husband and aftermath[edit]

Her husband, Sadashivrao Bhau died in the Third Battle of Panipat. But there was a controversy about his death as his body was never found nor did he return to Pune. For the rest of her life she denied that her husband had died and refused to be a Widow. In her lifetime at least thrice there were rumors of her husband being alive. Twice, impersonators of Sadashivrao Bhau came to Pune which created a state of confusion in the then political situation of the state.[citation needed]


She saw many ups and downs in the Maratha Empire and died when Sawai Madhavrao was in power. She died in Pune due to Pneumonia and was treated as Sati of Sadashivrao Bhau after her death. She was cremated in Pune, however, the Marathas were not in a state to erect any monument of her. Her after-death rituals were done at her hometown, Pen.


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