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June 16 15:41 (UTC)
Inequality predicts economic instability.

I'm an information addict... so it was inevitable I'd find myself here. I live in Ontario, Canada and my interests include: documentaries, films, science, history, psychology, calisthenics, debating and racket sports when the mood strikes me. I particularly enjoy controversial subjects where free and unconventional thinking are needed; so I'm a big fan of string theory and my favorite non-fiction book is The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes.

I'm a pro-choice agnostic who believes in eternal recurrence and frequents Newspeak Dictionary, BR-Insight, alt.fan.blade-runner and TheBible.net... or I did until they shut it down because of disagreement with their views. *shrug*

I became a weak atheist (from strong) after learning about the bicameral mind. This indicates god is not a deity, but a real subconscious part of ourselves in the non-dominant "creative" hemisphere, buried as a result of the "logical/language" hemisphere becoming dominant as a result of learning complex language(s) and social behaviors modern civilization requires.

This forces our neurology to cope with large amounts of structured information -- suppressing the god side of the brain -- while still being there if summoned by meditation, prayer, drugs or seizures. Stress is correlated to substance abuse, perhaps this goes beyond escapism and is a sub-conscious desire to re-balance the hemispheres. Throwbacks to the god brain can be seen in hypnosis, schizophrenia, speaking in tongues, psychosis and even earworms being a remnant of voice commands a person is compelled to follow. These result in "aberrant" (by modern standards) childlike neural activity where the creative hemisphere becomes temporarily dominant. It fits with approaching God as a "child" Mark 10:13-16, children having imaginary friends and being natural prophets of God, and if too prophetic they could be killed for blasphemy.[1]

Thanks for your interest and I hope my addiction can be put to some use around here.

Wiki introspection[edit]

I'd like to thank Severa for zer help and input on the abortion topic. Unfortunately Severa retired in Dec.2007 and is a Gold Standard example of Wikipedia losing experienced contributors.


My user page has been vandalized many times, but this one by User: is my favorite.

Films: Blade Runner - Munich - Koyaanisqatsi - Memento - Fight Club - Donnie Darko - Ghost in the Shell - The Princess Bride - Leon: The Professional - The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy - Brazil - Falling Down

Documentaries: The Corporation - Frontline - Wide Angle - Commanding Heights - RACE: The Power of an Illusion - Hijacking Catastrophe - Sicko

Books: The Human Animal - Paris 1919 - HHGG - Asimov's Foundation series - A Million Open Doors

TV: BBC World News - MythBusters - Uncommon Knowledge - Law & Order - Nova

Food: Pomegranates - Miss Vicky's: Sea Salt Chips - Carrot Muffins - Things that go with Ketchup - Popcorn

Music: Nirvana - No Doubt - Portishead


  • "So fresh, and so clean clean."
  • "I’ve never seen a man eat so many chicken wings."


"Money obfuscates truth for aggravating periods of time." – RoyBoy

"Clarity outweighs truth ... ... unless you have an attention span." – RoyBoy


Chocolate with fruit - smoking - beets

Unnecessary letters (ie. labour - labor), shorter = better. My idea is that the U.S. will switch to metric and Canadians will spell like Americans. I think it's a fair trade off. Intentional scientific ignorance also annoys me; especially if its coupled with religious self-righteousness. And if you hold strong opinions without strong evidence in context... well then I'll creatively shoot you down.

Links of interest[edit]


Award From
I just thought I would offer you some wiki-thanks for your contributions. In particular your continuous efforts on the Blade Runner article. Its not always been easy, but it looks like the article has come on a long way in the past few months. -- Solipsist 09:02, 12 Jun 2005 (UTC)
I've noticed you're good work on RC patrol today, and I hereby award you this Anti-Vandalism Barnstar. Keep up the good work!-- Essjay · Talk 21:54, 7 October 2005 (UTC)
Thanks for reverting vandalism on my user page. Please accept my personal award, the Psi. I bestow it to polite, courteous, and helpful users. It is to be used in good mental health or to fight wiki-stress. Take care. -- Psy guy (talk) 03:43, 6 November 2005 (UTC)
Could you slow down, your reverting vandalism too fast, I can't get any! Prodego talk 17:15, 9 November 2005
Thank you for removing some vandalism in the article Media and ethnicity--

Ratherford Skills 01:13, 14 November 2005

I hereby award you this Barnstar Barnstar for your tireless efforts of improving Wikipedia by creating and awarding new barnstars Cyde Weys votetalk 17:52, 23 December 2005 (UTC)
I hereby award you this WikiMedal for Janitorial Services for your tireless efforts in fixing typos, punctuation, grammar & spaces etc. Doing all the samll but important things KTC 07:38, 5 January 2006 (UTC)
I hereby award you a pile of barnstars in support of your not-quite-secret agenda. Dragons flight 16:19, 26 January 2006 (UTC)
The RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
Thank you so much for reverting vandalism on my user page. :-) Best regards. Húsönd 02:52, 13 October 2006 (UTC)
The Copyeditor's Barnstar
Thank you for the enormous amount of help you have given to wikifying, formatting and copyediting Cirque du Soleil in the final push to get it to GA status. It has been a rough couple of weeks but it has finally paid off. Trusilver 16:09, 1 September 2007 (UTC)
The Barnstar of Diligence
Thank you for your continued work on Abortion-breast cancer hypothesis. Your tireless effort to follow through on suggestions made during the past reviews has successfully guided the article toward GA status. -Severa (!!!) 23:22, 11 November 2007 (UTC)
The WikiProject Films Award
I, Girolamo Savonarola (talk), hereby award RoyBoy the WikiProject Films Award for his/her valued contibutions to WikiProject Films. Awarded retrospectively for being instrumental in making an article of the WikiProject Films core list (Blade Runner) into a featured article.
Awarded 03:42, 27 May 2008 (UTC)
The Original Barnstar
Thanks for being a good editor! You deserve it.Gopal81ChatMe!ReadMe!! 02:30, 10 December 2008 (UTC)
The Citation Barnstar The Citation Barnstar
For tracking down citations on an article, and thus addressing the lingering issues on colon cleansing, how could I NOT give a barnstar? Barnstars are the lazy man's way of thanking hard-working editors for picking up the slack. WLU (t) (c) (rules - simple rules) 21:25, 11 December 2008 (UTC)

Favorite Quotations[edit]

Kitchums, our cat of 15 years died, he will be missed. (Dec-14-2004)

"As a general rule, if you want to get at the truth – hear both sides and believe neither."
Josh Billings

"What you do is not honest. What you do is partisan hackery. You have a responsibility to the public discourse, and you fail miserably."
Jon Stewart to Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala on Crossfire

"Our citizens may be deceived for a while & have been deceived; but as long as the presses can be protected, we may trust to them for light; still more perhaps to the taxgatherers; for it is not worth the while of our antirepublicans to risk themselves on any change of government, but a very expensive one. Reduce every department to economy, & there will be no temptation to them to betray their constituents."
Thomas Jefferson ~ Letter to Archibald Stuart (14 May 1799)

"The best audience is intelligent, well-educated, and a little drunk."
Alben William Barkley (1877-1956), American statesman, US Vice President

"[When a young person loses faith in his religion because he begins to study science and its methodology] it isn't that [through the obtaining of real knowledge that] he knows it all, but he suddenly realizes that he doesn't know it all."
Richard P. Feynman

"The real problem is not Wikipedia, but reporters who fail to check their facts."
Joseph Wilson

"Because bias impedes our vision and is subject to sound inquiry, we are far from reaching a scientific ‘limit.’ Indeed, after this excursion into the issue of abortion, bias, and breast cancer, it seems our future has as much to do with human behavior as with human biology."
– Drs. Weed & Kramer (1996) J National Cancer Inst. 88(23):1698-700 [1]

"Some foolish men declare that a Creator made the world. The doctrine that the world was created is ill-advised, and should be rejected. If God created the world, where was He before creation?... How could God have made the world without any raw material? If you say He made this first, and then the world, you are faced with an endless regression... Know that the world is uncreated, as time itself is, without beginning and end. And it is based on the principles..."
– The Mahapurana (The Great Lege) Jinasena (India, Ninth Century)

"The way you can tell there's democracy going on is that nothing gets done."
A Million Open Doors by John Barnes

"I would suggest that science is, at least in part, informed worship."
Carl Sagan

"The better criterion on which to measure Wikipedia is whether this very young, pretty good, ever improving, totally free site serves a need - just as the way to measure Britannica is whether the additional surety that comes from its production model is worth the cost."
– Daniel H. Pink, Wired.com: The Book Stops Here

"The ideal encyclopedia should be radical. It should stop being safe."
Charles Van Doren from Wired.com: The Book Stops Here

"Climb someone else's mountain and you may not like the view, but reach your own summit and you can see for miles."
– Chris Ballard

From alt.fan.blade.runner:

A merry christmas to all - no matter what you do or do not believe in. - Lukas Mariman

I believe in santy claws - POD {Ò¿Ó}

... What about a Sanity Clause? - Lukas Mariman

There's no such thing as a sanity clause. - Patrick MM

"oh well then....if you like wikipedia you can't possibly be a psyco." - Lady Persephone


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  1. ^ Jaynes, Julian. (1976) The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. Pg. 221


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