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Victoria Commercial Bank Limited
Industry Financial Services
Founded 1987
Headquarters Nairobi, Kenya
Key people
Kanji D Pattni
Yogesh K Pattni
Managing Director
Products Loans, Checking, Savings, Investments, Debit Cards
Revenue IncreaseAftertax: US$7.175 million (KES:713.8 million) (2015)
Total assets US$201.23 million (KES:20.02 billion) (2015)
Number of employees
61 (2015)
Website Homepage

Victoria Commercial Bank (VCB) is a private bank in Kenya. It is licensed as a commercial bank, by the Central Bank of Kenya, the Central Bank and national banking regulator.[1]


The bank maintains three offices in Nairobi, Kenya's capital. The main branch is located at Victoria Towers, in the upscale neighborhood of Upper Hill, 3 kilometres (2 mi) southwest of the central business district of Nairobi, Kenya's capital city.[2] The coordinates of the headquarters of Victoria Commercial Bank are 01°18'03.0"S, 36°48'56.0"E (Latitude:-1.300832; Longitude:36.815560).[3]


Victoria Commercial Bank was established in 1987 as Victoria Finance Company, a non-bank finance institution (NBFI). In 1996, following the issuance of a banking license by the Central Bank of Kenya, the company rebranded to Victoria Commercial Bank.[4]


The bank is a Tier III private bank in Kenya, East Africa's largest economy. VCB focuses on serving large corporations and high-net-worth clients. The bank also offers personal banking services to the employees of its corporate clients.[5] As of December 2015, the bank's total assets were valued at about US$201.23 million (KES:20.02 billion), with shareholders' equity of about US$35.3 million (KES:3.512 billion).[6]


As of January 2017, the shareholding in the stock of Victoria Commercial Bank was as follows:[7]

Victoria Commercial Bank Stock Ownership
Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 Kanji D. Pattni
2 Kingsway Investments
2 Orchid Holdings
2 Rochester Holdings
2 74 Others


As of July 2016, Victoria Commercial Bank maintains three branches in the city of Nairobi, Kenya.[8]

Credit rating[edit]

In July 2016, the South African credit rating agency Global Credit Ratings (GCR) rated the bank as BBB with stable outlook. The bank has a history of "operating without a loan default for the last 10 years".[8] During the first 6 months of 2017, VCB declared its first non-performing loan in the past 10 years. The defaulted loan is valued at KSh18.3 million. (approx. US$180,000).[9]

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Coordinates: 01°18′03″S 36°48′56″E / 1.30083°S 36.81556°E / -1.30083; 36.81556