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Vormetric, Inc.
Industry IT security
Founded 2001
Headquarters San Jose, California, USA
Key people
Alan Kessler, President and CEO
Products Encryption, Key management
Services Encryption, Cloud computing security
Parent Thales Group
Website www.vormetric.com

Vormetric, Inc. was a private data security company headquartered in San Jose, California, United States that provided products and services to prevent sensitive data theft from hackers and malicious insiders by securing structured data in databases and unstructured data located in file systems.

Vormetric claimed more than 1,100 customers including 17 of the Fortune 25.[1]

The company was acquired by French aerospace and security firm Thales in 2016.[2]


Founded in November 2001, Vormetric marketed software and hardware for encryption and key management to protect high value data from data loss and theft.

The company developed technology to encrypt data at the filesystem or volume manager layer with keys managed in an appliance. The technology called “Metaclear” enabled file metadata to be in the clear while the file data is encrypted, enabling a separation of duties as file owners access data while file administrators can view metadata. This approach provided encryption, access control, and reporting.

Vormetric branched out from providing encryption with integrated key management to also provide enterprise key management for third party encryption keys. This included management of keys for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases using Transparent Data Encryption along with vaulting and expiration tracking for keys of any strength, both symmetric and asymmetric.

Vormetric’s investors included Vanguard Ventures, Quicksilver Ventures, JK&B Capital, Split Rock Partners and Sigma Partners.

In November 2012, after a quiet departure by Richard Gorman as CEO, the company announced Alan Kessler would take his place. Kessler is a former vice president at HP. After the change of command, Vormetric explored the possibility of going public.[3] However, on 19 October 2015, Vormetric announced that it was being acquired by Thales Group for $400M.[4] The deal was completed in March 2016, and Thales said it would integrate Vormetric into its e-Security subsidiary.[2]


To secure and control access to structured and unstructured data, Vormetric offered file-level encryption. To manage encryption keys, Vormetric provided encryption key management for third party keys. Vormetric products ran on Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Vormetric sold three products under the Vormetric Data Security umbrella: Vormetric Transparent Encryption, Vormetric Application Encryption, and Vormetric key management. The Vormetric product portfolio depended on a Data Security Manager appliance that comes in a physical or virtual appliance form factor.[5]

Database security[edit]

Vormetric provided database security through its Vormetric Transparent Encryption offering that secured sensitive data stored in databases using a combination of encryption and integrated key management. The offering supported all major databases including Oracle database, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server. The company enabled customers to use a single product to secure heterogeneous databases and database versions.

File security[edit]

Vormetric Transparent Encryption combined encryption and integrated key management to protect and control access to sensitive files on file servers, storage devices, and content repositories.

Encryption key management[edit]

Vormetric key management enabled enterprises to secure encryption keys for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption. Vormetric provided two key agents, one supporting PKCS#11 for Oracle 11gR2 TDE and another supporting Microsoft Extensible Key Management for SQL Server 2008 TDE and SQL Server 2012 TDE. Vormetric Key Management also provided a key vault to store symmetric or asymmetric keys of any strength in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified appliance.[6][7]

Application encryption[edit]

Vormetric Application Encryption was a library to simplify encryption in applications. The application encryption library provided a set of standards-based APIs used to perform cryptography and encryption key management operations. Vormetric Application Encryption became generally available in May 2014.[8]


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