Walpole River

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Walpole River
Country Australia
Basin features
Main source 99 metres (325 ft)[1]
River mouth Walpole Inlet
Basin size 60 square kilometres (14,826 acres)[2]
Physical characteristics
Length 15 kilometres (9 mi)

The Walpole River is a river in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. The river was discovered by Captain Thomas Bannister in 1831 [3] and named by Governor James Stirling after Captain W Walpole. The catchment of the Walpole River also provides drinking water to the town of Walpole. The water quality of the river is considered to be fresh.


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Coordinates: 34°58′48.21″S 116°42′42.04″E / 34.9800583°S 116.7116778°E / -34.9800583; 116.7116778