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Whiting Awards
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The Whiting Award is an American award presented annually to ten emerging writers in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and plays. The award is sponsored by the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation and has been presented since 1985. As of 2021, winners receive US$50,000.[1][2]

The nominees are chosen through a juried process, and the final winners are selected by a committee of writers, scholars, and editors, selected each year by the Foundation. Writers cannot apply for the prize themselves, and the Foundation does not accept unsolicited nominations.[3]

Year Poetry Fiction Non-fiction Drama
  • Joshua Bennett
  • Marwa Helal
  • Ladan Osman
  • Xandria Phillips
  • Jordan E. Cooper
  • Donnetta Lavinia Grays
  • Sylvia Khoury
2008 Rick Hilles, poetry

Douglas Kearney, poetry

Julie Sheehan, poetry

Mischa Berlinski,

Laleh Khadivi, fiction

Manuel Muñoz, fiction

Benjamin Percy, fiction

Lysley Tenorio, fiction

Donovan Hohn, nonfiction Dael Orlandersmith, plays
2007 Paul Guest,

Cate Marvin, poetry

Ben Fountain, fiction

Brad Kessler, fiction

Dalia Sofer, fiction

Carlo Rotella, nonfiction

Peter Trachtenberg, nonfiction

Jack Turner, nonfiction

Sheila Callaghan, plays

Tarell Alvin McCraney,

2006 Sherwin Bitsui, poetry

Tyehimba Jess,

Suji Kwock Kim,


Charles D’Ambrosio, fiction

Yiyun Li, fiction

Micheline Aharonian Marcom, fiction

Nina Marie Martínez,

Patrick O’Keeffe, fiction

Stephen Adly Guirgis,

Bruce Norris,

2005 Thomas Sayers Ellis, poetry

Ilya Kaminsky, poetry

John Keene, fiction/poetry

Dana Levin,

Spencer Reece, poetry

Tracy K. Smith, poetry

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum,

Nell Freudenberger, fiction

Seth Kantner, fiction

Rinne Groff, plays
2004 Catherine Barnett, poetry

Dan Chiasson, poetry

A. Van Jordan, poetry

Kirsten Bakis, fiction

Daniel Alarcón, fiction

Victor LaValle, fiction

Allison Glock, nonfiction

John Jeremiah Sullivan,

Elana Greenfield, plays

Tracey Scott Wilson,

2003 Major Jackson, poetry Alexander Chee,

Courtney Angela Brkic, fiction and nonfiction

Agymah Kamau, fiction

Ann Pancake, fiction

Lewis Robinson, fiction

Jess Row, fiction

Christopher Cokinos, nonfiction

Trudy Dittmar, nonfiction

Sarah Ruhl,
2002 Elizabeth Arnold, poetry

David Gewanter, poetry

Joshua Weiner, poetry

Jeffery Renard Allen, fiction

Justin Cronin, fiction

Kim Edwards, fiction

Michelle Huneven, fiction

Danzy Senna, fiction

Melissa James Gibson, plays

Evan Smith, plays

2001 Joel Brouwer, poetry

Jason Sommer, poetry

Emily Carter, fiction

Matthew Klam, fiction

Akhil Sharma, fiction

Samrat Upadhyay, fiction

John Wray,

Judy Blunt, nonfiction

Kathleen Finneran, nonfiction

Brighde Mullins, plays
2000 Albert Mobilio, poetry/fiction

James Thomas Stevens (Aronhiotas), poetry

Claude Wilkinson, poetry

Samantha Gillison, fiction

Robert Cohen, fiction

Lily King, fiction

John McManus, fiction

Colson Whitehead, fiction

Andrew X. Pham, nonfiction Kelly Stuart, plays
1999 Michael Haskell, poetry

Terrance Hayes, poetry

Martha Zweig, poetry

Ehud Havazelet, fiction

Ben Marcus, fiction

Yxta Maya Murray, fiction

ZZ Packer, fiction

Gordon Grice, nonfiction

Margaret Talbot, nonfiction

Naomi Iizuka, plays
1998 Nancy Eimers, poetry

Daniel Hall, poetry

James Kimbrell, poetry

Charles Harper Webb, poetry

Greg Williamson, poetry

Michael Byers, fiction Ralph Lombreglia, fiction/nonfiction

D. J. Waldie, nonfiction

Anthony Walton, nonfiction

W. David Hancock, plays
1997 Connie Deanovich, poetry

Forrest Gander, poetry

Jody Gladding, poetry

Mark Turpin, poetry

Suketu Mehta, fiction/nonfiction

Josip Novakovich, fiction/ nonfiction

Melanie Rae Thon, fiction

Jo Ann Beard, nonfiction

Ellen Meloy, nonfiction

Erik Ehn,

1996 Brigit Pegeen Kelly, poetry

Elizabeth Spires, poetry

Cristina García, fiction

Anderson Ferrell, fiction

Brian Kiteley, fiction

Molly Gloss, fiction

Judy Troy, fiction

A.J. Verdelle, fiction

Chris Offutt, fiction/nonfiction

Patricia Storace, nonfiction/ poetry

1995 Lucy Grealy, nonfiction/ poetry

Mary Ruefle, poetry

James McMichael, poetry

Michael Cunningham, fiction

Matthew Stadler, fiction

Reginald McKnight, fiction

Melanie Sumner, fiction

André Aciman, nonfiction

Russ Rymer, nonfiction

Suzannah Lessard, nonfiction

1994 Mark Doty, poetry

Mary Swander, poetry/nonfiction

Louis Edwards, fiction

Mary Hood, fiction

Kate Wheeler, fiction

Kennedy Fraser, nonfiction

Randall Kenan, fiction/nonfiction

Wayne Koestenbaum, nonfiction/poetry

Rosemary Mahoney, nonfiction

Claudia Roth Pierpont, nonfiction

1993 Mark Levine, poetry

Nathaniel Mackey, poetry/fiction

Dionisio D. Martinez

Kathleen Peirce, poetry

Dagoberto Gilb,

Sigrid Nunez,

Jeffrey Eugenides, fiction

Janet Peery, fiction

Lisa Shea,

Kevin Kling,

1992 Roger Fanning, poetry

Jane Mead, poetry

Katha Pollitt, poetry/nonfiction

R.S. Jones,

J.S. Marcus, fiction

Damien Wilkins, fiction

Eva Hoffman, nonfiction Suzan-Lori Parks, plays

Keith Reddin, plays

José Rivera, plays

1991 Thylias Moss, poetry

Franz Wright, poetry

Rebecca Goldstein, fiction

Allegra Goodman, fiction

John Holman, fiction

Rick Rofihe,

Cynthia Kadohata, fiction

Stanley Crouch, nonfiction

J Anton Shammas, fiction/nonfiction

Scott McPherson, plays
1990 Emily Hiestand, poetry

Dennis Nurkse, poetry

Yannick Murphy, fiction

Lawrence Naumoff, fiction

Mark Richard, fiction

Christopher Tilghman,

Stephen Wright, fiction

Harriet Ritvo, nonfiction

Amy Wilentz, nonfiction

Tony Kushner, plays
1989 Russell Edson, poetry

Mary Karr, poetry

C. D. Wright, poetry

Ellen Akins, fiction

Marianne Wiggins, fiction

Ian Frazier, nonfiction

Natalie Kusz, nonfiction

Luc Sante, nonfiction

Tobias Wolff, nonfiction/fiction

Timberlake Wertenbaker, plays
1988 Michael Burkard,

Li-Young Lee, poetry

Sylvia Moss, poetry

Lydia Davis, fiction

Bruce Duffy, fiction

Jonathan Franzen, fiction

Mary La Chapelle, fiction

William T. Vollmann, fiction

Gerald Early, nonfiction

Geoffrey O'Brien, nonfiction

1987 Mark Cox, poetry

Michael Ryan, poetry

Joan Chase, fiction

Pam Durban, fiction

Deborah Eisenberg, fiction

Alice McDermott, fiction

David Foster Wallace, fiction

Mindy Aloff, nonfiction

Gretel Ehrlich, nonfiction

Reinaldo Povod, plays
1986 John Ash, poetry

Hayden Carruth, poetry

Frank Stewart, poetry

Ruth Stone, poetry

Kent Haruf, fiction

Denis Johnson, fiction

Padgett Powell, fiction

Mona Simpson, fiction

Darryl Pinckney, nonfiction/fiction August Wilson, plays
1985 Douglas Crase, poetry

Jorie Graham, poetry

Linda Gregg, poetry

James Schuyler, poetry

Stuart Dybek, fiction

Raymond Abbott,

Howard Norman, fiction

James Robison, fiction

Wright Morris, fiction/nonfiction

Austin Wright, fiction/nonfiction


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