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Jürgen Ehlers

Jürgen Ehlers (1929–2008) was a German physicist who contributed to the understanding of Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. From graduate and postgraduate work in Pascual Jordan's relativity research group at Hamburg University, he held academic posts before joining the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Munich as a director. In 1995, he became the founding director of the newly created Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) in Potsdam, Germany. Ehlers' research focused on the foundations of general relativity as well as on the theory's applications to astrophysics. He formulated a suitable classification of exact solutions to Einstein's field equations and proved the Ehlers-Geren-Sachs theorem that justifies the application of simple, general-relativistic model universes to modern cosmology. He created a spacetime-oriented description of gravitational lensing and clarified the relationship between models formulated within the framework of general relativity and those of Newtonian gravity. He had a keen interest in the history and philosophy of physics and was an ardent popularizer of science. (Full article...)

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The London England Temple at Newchapel in the Surrey district of Tandridge

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Whistler's Mother

Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1, better known as Whistler's Mother, is an 1871 oil-on-canvas painting by American artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler. It depicts the artist's mother, Anna McNeill, and was painted in London. The work, which measures 144.3 cm × 162.4 cm (56.8 in × 63.9 in), is now displayed at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris. It has been described as a Victorian Mona Lisa.

Painting: James Abbott McNeill Whistler

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