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Wikipedia has cancer: In biology, the hallmarks of an aggressive cancer include limitless and exponential multiplication of ordinarily beneficial cells, even when the body signals that further multiplication is no longer needed. The Wikipedia page on the wheat and chessboard problem explains that nothing can keep growing exponentially forever. In biology, the unwanted growth usually terminates with the death of the host. Exponential spending increases can often lead to the same undesirable result in organizations. The Wikimedia Foundation's expenses have grown aggressively every year; Wikipedian Guy Macon offers his analysis.
Guy Macon has been a Wikipedian since 2005, has more than 30,000 edits to his name, and is the author of the Wikipedia essay WP:1AM. He runs a consulting business, rescuing engineering projects that have gone seriously wrong.
Wikimedia Foundation expenses by year through 2015-16.png
WMF expenses by fiscal year, from founding in 2002-'03 through 2015-'16. Lines at US$20 million increments.