Yadollah Maftun Amini

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Yadollah Maftun Amini
یدالله مفتون امینی
Born (1926-06-12) June 12, 1926 (age 90)
Shahindezh, West Azerbaijan
Nationality Iranian
Years active 1957-

Yadollah Maftun Amini (Persian: یدالله مفتون امینی‎‎; born June 12, 1926) is an Iranian poet.[1]

Yadollah Amini known as Maftun was born in 1926 in Shahindezh, near Tabriz. After completing primary and secondary school in his hometown, he moved to Tehran. He studied in the Tehran University's Faculty of Law.

He started with classic poetic style, but then specially after the 1980s continued with modern and nonrhythmic forms of poetry.

His native language is Azeri Turkish and Ashiqli Karvan is his first Turkish poetry collection. Major part of his poems in Persian are lyrics and nostalgias.


  • Poem collections
    • Ashiqli Karvan (Karavan of Ashiqs (singers)), 1960s, Tabriz
    • Anarestan (Pomegranate Garden), 1967, Tabriz, Ebn-e-sina Publishers
    • Ashiqli Karvan (Camel Train), 1979
    • Nahang ya Mowj (Wale or Tide), Selections of Kulak and Anarestan (1979, Tehran)
    • Fasl-e-Penhan (Hidden Season), Poem selections
    • Man va Khazan-e-toh (Me and Your Fall), 2006, Amrud Publishers
    • Shab-e-hazar-o-doh (Night of One Thousand and Two), (Includes a part in Azeri Turkish),