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Zaspa German: Saspe; is one of the quarters of the city of Gdańsk, Poland. Divided into two quarters:

Zaspa was founded on a place previously occupied by an airport. The concrete airstrip of the airport was not dismantled, and now forms the axis of the quarter.

Zaspa buildings are mainly high-rise condominiums (between 4 and 12 stories high) erected in the early 1980s. Additional thermal insulation in the form of styrofoam sheets was applied to them in the early 2000s. Painted on outside in pastel colors, they managed to change slightly the ugly, steel-and-concrete image of the quarter.

Zaspa was the place where Lech Wałęsa lived during Solidarity times. On 12 June 1987, during his 3rd visit to Poland, pope John Paul II visited Zaspa.

Inhabitants: 31,589
Area: 3.2 km²

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Coordinates: 54°24′N 18°38′E / 54.400°N 18.633°E / 54.400; 18.633