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Native to India
Region Tamil Nadu, The Nilgiris
Native speakers
140,000  (2001)[1]
400,000  (1998)[2]
Kannada script[3]
Kannada alphabet[citation needed]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 bfq
Glottolog bada1257[4]
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Badaga (Badaga: ಬಡಗ ) is a southern Dravidian language (Old Kannada language branch) spoken by approximately 400,000 people in the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India.[2] It is known for its retroflex vowels. It has similarities with neighbouring Kannada language and it was earlier considered as a dialect of Kannada and now identified as an independent language.[5] The word Badaga refers to the Badaga language as well as the Badaga indigenous people that speak it.


Badaga has five vowels /i e a o u/, all of which can be contrastively half and fully retroflexed. Only the most conservative dialects have the complete set of contrasts (that is, contrasts of pharyngealized and retroflexed vowels[not in citation given]).[6]

Example words[7]
IPA Gloss
/noː/ disease
/pọː/ scar
/mo˞e˞/ sprout
/a˞e˞/ tiger's den
/ha˞ːsu/ to spread out
/kạːʃu/ to remove
/i˞ːụ/ seven
/hụːj/ tamarind
/be˞ː/ bangle
/bẹː/ banana
/huj/ to strike
/hu˞j/ tamarind
/ụj/ chisel

Note on transcriptions: rhoticity (e.g. [i˞], [e˞]) indicates half-retroflexion or pharyngealization; an underdot (e.g. [ị], [ẹ]) indicates full retroflexion.

Badaga script[edit]

Several attempts at constructing an orthography based on English and Kannada.


The Badaga language is well studied, mainly by missionaries, and several Badaga-English Dictionaries have been produced since the latter part of the nineteenth century.[8]


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