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Currey Road Bridge, officially known as Mahadev Palav Marg, is a critical road connecting the neighbourhoods of Parel and Lower Parel in Mumbai, India.[1] The stone-made bridge was built in 1915.[2] Currey Road Bridge connects Babasaheb Ambedkar Road near Bharatmata theater on the east and NM Joshi Marg towards Lower Parel in the west.[3][4] Currey Road Bridge is an important connecting link between Babasaheb Ambedkar Road and Delisle Road, both of which provide north-south connectivity in Mumbai.[5] The road witnesses heavy office-going traffic, as it connects Lalbaug and Parel with NM Joshi Marg.[6]

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) demolished the two-feet thick, and nearly 12-15 feet in height, bridge wall at three places in 2014 to erect pillars for Line 1 of the Mumbai Monorail.[2] The monorail structure passes over Lalbaug flyover at Bharat Mata junction, before crossing over the Central Railway tracks and joining the Delisle Road stretch. Two elevated monorail stations will be located near Bharat Mata and at Delisle Road. After crossing the Lalbaug flyover, the monorail line turns right after Bharat Mata and runs parallel to the Currey Road bridge, before crossing the railway tracks and reaching NM Joshi Marg. A total of 20 piers and 38 girders were constructed on Currey Bridge Road for the monorail, and precast cement girders were laid over the Lalbaug flyover after the pillars were cast.[5]

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