Ulhas River

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Ulhas River
Country India
State Maharashtra
Source Western Ghats
 - location Arabian Sea, India

The Ulhas River is a river of western India. It originates near Karjat in the Western Ghats Range, and flows westward through Raigad and Thane districts of Maharashtra between Kulgaon-Badlapur, north to Ulhasnagar (to which it gives its name) and on to Kalyan, where it turns west to Thane. Near Raw water pump house of MIDC Jambhul the river meets Barvi Dam discharge water also called as Barvi River. The conflunce is a tourist and fishing hub for villagers around. At Thane the river splits into two branches which flow west and south, respectively, around Salsette Island, on which lies the metropolis of Mumbai. Both branches are estuarine, and lie on seismic fault lines. The main branch turns northwestward to Ghodbunder, where it opens into the estuary of Vasai Creek. Thane Creek flows south to empty into Bombay Harbour. The estuary of the Ulhas is the site of the historical ports of Kalyan, Kopri (Chersonesus/Coprostaneum) and Shurparaka (now Sopara).


Coordinates: 19°18′N 72°50′E / 19.300°N 72.833°E / 19.300; 72.833