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EU Free trade agreements

The European Union has concluded free trade agreements (FTAs) with many countries world-wide and is negotiating with many others.

Free trade agreements in force[edit]

State Date Notes Relations
 Albania 2009 SAA Candidate for EU accession
 Algeria 2005 AA
 Andorra 1991 Customs Union Andorra–EU relations
 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008 Interim SAA Potential candidate for EU accession
Central America 2013 (PROVISIONAL) AA
 Chile 2003
 Colombia 2011 (signed)[1]

effective 2013, August[2]

 Costa Rica 2011 (signed)[1]

effective October 2013[3]

 Egypt 2004 AA
 Faroe Islands 1997 autonomous entity of Denmark Faroe Islands-EU relations
 Georgia 2014 (PROVISIONAL) AA & DCFTA Georgia–EU relations
 Honduras 2013, August[2] AA
 Iceland 1973 (EEA since 1994) EEA Negotiating for EU accession
 Israel 2000 AA Israel–EU relations
 Jordan 2002 AA Jordan–EU relations
 Lebanon 2003 AA (FTA provisions in force since 2003) Lebanon–EU relations
 Liechtenstein 1973 (EEA since 1995) EEA Liechtenstein–EU relations
 Republic of Macedonia 2004 SAA Candidate for EU accession
 Mexico 2000 Details Mexico–EU relations
 Moldova 2014 (PROVISIONAL) AA & DCFTA Moldova–EU relations
 Montenegro 2010 SAA Negotiating for EU accession
 Morocco 2000 AA Morocco–EU relations
 Nicaragua 2013, August[2]
 Norway 1973 (EEA since 1994) EEA Norway–EU relations
 Palestinian Authority 1997 AA Palestine–EU relations
 Panama 2013, August[2]
 Peru 2011 (signed)[1]

March 2013[2]

 San Marino 1992 Customs Union San Marino–EU relations
 Serbia 2010 SAA Negotiating for EU accession
 South Africa 2000 South Africa–EU relations
 South Korea 2011 (PROVISIONAL) Details, provisional application from 1 July 2011 South Korea–EU relations
 Switzerland 1973 EFTA Switzerland–EU relations
 Tunisia 1998 AA
 Turkey 1995 Customs Union: Details Negotiating for EU accession


Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) are being implemented for ACP countries.

State Signed Notes
 Cameroon 2009
 Canada 2014 CETA - implementation begins 2016 pending EU ratification[4]
CARIFORUM States 2008 Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago
 Ivory Coast 2009
 South Korea 2010 Provisionally applied from 2011 but not yet fully ratified
 Ukraine 2014 Provisionally applied from end of 2015


Concluded negotiations[edit]

Singapore and European Union concluded their Free Trade negotiations on 17 December 2012.[5] They will sign the agreement after all translations and verifications are completed.

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