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Feke is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 37°48′54″N 35°54′45″E / 37.81500°N 35.91250°E / 37.81500; 35.91250Coordinates: 37°48′54″N 35°54′45″E / 37.81500°N 35.91250°E / 37.81500; 35.91250
Country Turkey
Province Adana
 • Mayor Ahmet Sel (MHP)
 • Kaymakam Bünyamin Kuş
 • District 1,227.13 km2 (473.80 sq mi)
Elevation 620 m (2,030 ft)
Population (2012)[2]
 • Urban 4,608
 • District 18,055
 • District density 15/km2 (38/sq mi)
Post code 01660
Website www.feke.bel.tr

Feke (Armenian: Վահկա) is a small city and a district in Adana Province of Turkey, 122 km from the city of Adana, 620m above sea-level, a small town on attractive forested mountainside. The current mayor is Ahmet Sel (MHP).


The area was settled by the Hittites in the 16th century BC, the Persians in the 6th century BC, conquered by Alexander the Great in 333 CE, and later passed into the hands of the Romans and Byzantines. Feke commands a pass across the Taurus mountains directly north of Adana, and a castle was built here in the Byzantine period. The name then was Vahka and has since mutated to today's spelling Feke. When the armies of Islam took over Cilicia (Çukurova) in 1081 the Armenian population fled to the hills and captured the castle from the Byzantines. It became an important stronghold of the Rubenid Dynasty, who later became the rulers of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. It later passed into the hands of the Mameluks and then the Ottomans.


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