Guishan, Taoyuan

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Guishan Township in Taoyuan County
Guishan Township

Guishan Township (Chinese: 龜山鄉; pinyin: Guīshān Xiāng) is a rural township in northeastern Taoyuan County, Taiwan. Guishan Township is the smallest township in Taoyuan County.


Guishan was formerly known as Guilunshe. The name originated from a hill by the Mercy Buddha Temple of Shou Shan Rock, built in 7th year of the Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty.[1] The Pingpu and Keitago Lan tribes were located here. In 1950, it was renamed to Guishan.[2]


Government and infrastructure[edit]

The Ministry of Justice operates Taipei Prison in Guishan.[3]



Tourist attractions[edit]


Guishan is served by National Highway No. 1 and Nanxiang Station of the Taiwan Railways Administration.

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