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Over the years, many members of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta (also known as FIJI) have gained notability in their chosen fields. Examples include one U.S. President, eleven Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients, five Medal of Honor recipients, six Pulitzer Prize winners, two Nobel Prize winners, over 80 competitors in the Olympic Games (of which at least 28 Fijis have won at least 37 medals), and at least six billionaires.


Civil Service[edit]


Media and Literature[edit]


Science, Technology and Medicine[edit]


Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients[edit]

Medal of Honor recipients[edit]

Nobel Prize winners[edit]

Pulitzer Prize winners[edit]

General Officers[edit]

These are Brothers who have achieved the military rank of Brigadier General, Rear Admiral (lower half), (or the equivalent) or higher in the United States military.

Fijis Buried at Arlington National Cemetery[edit]

  • Allan D. Albert (Gettysburg 1867): thrice-wounded Civil War veteran.
  • Wilber Marion Brucker (Michigan, 1916): Governor of Michigan (1931–1933); Secretary of the Army (1955–1961).
  • Major General Clovis E. Byers (Ohio State, 1921): Chief of Staff, Eighth US Army
  • Tedford Harris Cann (New York): Medal of Honor, champion swimmer, 1924 Olympian; Section 7.
  • George Henry Decker (Lafayette 1924) US Army General and Chief of Staff (1960–62), Section 7.
  • General Robert L. Eichelberger (Ohio State 1917); US Army; Section 2, Grave 4737.
  • Major General Mark Hersey (Maine Faculty) US Army, commanded 155th Infantry, then Fourth Division, WWI.
  • Major Frank Keck (CCNY 1872, Columbia 1875), commander of 3rd Battalion, 71st New York in Cuba, and Captain, 42nd US Infantry in the occupation of the Philippines.
  • Brigadier General Jacob Kline (Gettysburg, 1860): United States Army. Civil War and Spanish–American War veteran.
  • James Harvey McLeary (Soule; Washington and Lee 1869) Texas state legislator and attorney general; Major, Spanish American War; Porto Rico chief supreme court justice.
  • Major Edward J Moss (Texas A&M University, 1980): United States Marine Corps
  • Daniel D. Pullen (Washington 1907) Captain, Tank Corps, WWI.
  • George Augustus Sheridan (Wabash initiate) Congressman.
  • William Berchmann Wall (CCNY 1905) US Army Captain, WWI.
  • Samuel J Kishline, Col. (Ret), Vietnam 1967 Silver Star, Purdue University 1955, 1933-2001

Liberty Ship Namesakes[edit]

"Liberty Ships" were cargo ships built rapidly in the United States in order to transport supplies overseas during World War II. Over 2700 Liberty Ships were made and several were named after members of Phi Gamma Delta. These include:

Fijis in Sports Halls of Fame[edit]

Super Bowl Fijis[edit]

Presidents of the Boy Scouts of America[edit]

Three Fijis have been President of the Boy Scouts of America. They are:

Other Notable Phi Gams[edit]

Other Phi Gamma Delta Lists[edit]

Phi Gamma Delta's Curator of Archives has assembled several exhaustive lists of noteworthy Fijis throughout history.

Brothers in War

Prominent Brothers:


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