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The following is a list of countries that host military bases belonging to other countries. A large system of foreign military bases was established by the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War. Immediately following the Cold War, Russia reduced its network of foreign military bases, but under Vladimir Putin, Russia has again begun to expand its military presence worldwide. Through several rounds of Base Realignment and Closure, the U.S. has increased its military presence considerably since the end of the Cold War.[1]


In addition, France has military bases in French overseas territories: French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Réunion and Saint Pierre and Miquelon.


  • Bahrain - 1,000 personnel
  • Saudi Arabia - 1,500 personnel, Including SSG Commandos for the Protection of Royal Family
  • Oman - 200 personnel, Naval Facility.
  • Nigeria - 120 personnel, Pakistan is also running a Military Training School
  • Sri Lanka - A SigInt setup and Pakistan Air Force Contingent for assisting Lankan Air Force.
  • Djibouti - Naval Anti Piracy Team
  • Bangladesh - Air Force Technical Personal for the maintenance of Bangladeshi F-7P Aircraft.


  • Bhutan - The Indian Army maintains a training mission in Bhutan, known as the Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT), responsible for the military training RBA and RGB personnel.
  • Oman - India has set up a naval air base in Muscat. The Indian Navy has berthing rights here.



  • Djibouti - 180 JMSDF personnel based at a facility to combat piracy



  • Cyprus - 10th Corps of the Turkish Land Forces: 2 mechanized infantry divisions, 1 armored brigade
  • Iraqi Kurdistan - More than 2,000 Turkish soldiers are deployed in the province of Dohuk in multiple bases, including 1,000 at Bamerni Airfield and a further 1,000 between Batifa and Kani Masi, as well as a number smaller garrisons.[19]

United Kingdom[edit]

  • Brunei - Mechanized infantry battalion and a helicopter link; 900 personnel
  • Canada - British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) in Alberta
  • Cyprus (Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia) - Two mechanized infantry battalions, a helicopter squadron and other units; 3,200 personnel
  • Diego Garcia (British Overseas Territories) - Division of British Armed Forces of 40 personnel
  • Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory) - 1,000 personnel
  • Germany - Rhine garrison, (British Forces Germany) - 21,500 personnel as of 2012
  • Kenya - The British Peace Support Team (BPST) and British Army Training Unit Kenya – (BATUK). The BPST is located off Ngong Rd in the Karen Suburb of Nairobi while BATUK is located in Nanyuki, 200 km north of Nairobi. It has 56 permanent staff and a rotating staff of 110 personnel
  • Sierra Leone - International Mine Action Training Centre (IMATC) located on the southern edge of Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown

United States[edit]


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