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Nuzivid is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 16°47′N 80°51′E / 16.78°N 80.85°E / 16.78; 80.85Coordinates: 16°47′N 80°51′E / 16.78°N 80.85°E / 16.78; 80.85
Country India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Krishna
Elevation 88 m (289 ft)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 58,590
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration AP 16

Nuzvid is a municipality in Krishna district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.[2] It serves as the administrative headquarters for Nuzvid mandal and Nuzvid revenue division.[3][4]


Nuzvid is a historical fortified town. It was founded by Meka Basavanna, the chieftain of Rani Rudrama Devi/Pratapa Rudra Deva of Warangal Kakatiya dynasty in 1321 AD. After the second attack of Delhi ruler, Mohammad bin Tughlak to Kakatiya ruler of Pratapa Rudra, he was defeated and caught by Tughlak. At that moment the chieftains were separated and migrated to different places. Some went to Bobbili. Some established themselves at Nuzvid.

At that period they cultivated the nuvvulu (Seasom) Chelu means Crops. The place was first named as nuchela veedu, gradually changing to nujelaveedu and after British rule to Nuzvid.

The first English-Telugu dictionary was prepared by Sankaranarayana with the financial help of Nuzvid Rajahs.

The first mutiny against French rule was by Nuzvidians. Senior Citizens of Nuzvidu used to say that this place used to have "Burujus" with heavily artillery for security. One such place was "Bodigattu". People used to hear the sounds of heavy artillery from the place now called "Damadamaala Thotha".

The famous Nuzvidians 'Dharma Appa Rao' was well known for his magnanimity and charitable nature. Several academic organizations are established on his name. Late Sri M. R. Appa Rao was popular political personality in AP state as he held several important positions such as Prohibition Minister in First AP Cabinet, twice he become Vice Chancellor of Andhra University, MP of Rajya Sabha etc. His outstanding academic contribution towards establishing SRR ZP High School, DAR College and PG Centre is worth remembering by all Nuzvidians. He was part of the history of Philanthropic Nuzvid. S.R.R.Z.P.H school got 2 iiit seats in 2013.


Nuzvid is located at 16°47′N 80°51′E / 16.78°N 80.85°E / 16.78; 80.85.[5] It has an average elevation of 88 metres (288 feet).


As of 2011 Census of India, the town had a population of 58,590. The total population constitute, 29,117 males and 29,473 females —a sex ratio of 1012 females per 1000 males, higher than the national average of 940 per 1000.[1][6] 5,213 children are in the age group of 0–6 years, of which 2,606 are boys and 2,607 are girls—a ratio of 1000 per 1000. The average literacy rate stands at 82.37% with 43,966 literates, significantly higher than the national average of 73.00%.[1][7]


Nuzvid is an educational centre for the surrounding areas. Sri Raja Rangarayappa Zilla Parishad High School (SRRZPH School), established 1893, is one of the oldest schools in Andhra Pradesh and Sri M. Soma Sankara Rao is First Best Teacher Awardee of this school.[citation needed]

Other educational institutions are:

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