Nyssa (Cappadocia)

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Coordinates: 38°57′15″N 33°57′33″E / 38.954295°N 33.959229°E / 38.954295; 33.959229 Nyssa was a Roman/late-Roman[1] town of Cappadocia. It is located near to the modern town of Harmandalı, Ortaköy district, Aksaray province, in south-central Turkey.[1] Sometimes Nyssa is also identified with the location of the modern city of Nevşehir, although modern scholarship has cast serious doubt on the association of the two.[2]

In the 4th century, the Christian saint Gregory of Nyssa was appointed bishop of Nyssa.

The archaeological site consists of two tells, named Büyükkale (big castle) and Küçükkale (little castle), located 2 km to the north of Harmandalı.[3]


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