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City of regional significance
Flag of Torez
Official seal of Torez
Torez is located in Donetsk Oblast
Torez is located in Ukraine
Coordinates: 48°1′19″N 38°37′35″E / 48.02194°N 38.62639°E / 48.02194; 38.62639Coordinates: 48°1′19″N 38°37′35″E / 48.02194°N 38.62639°E / 48.02194; 38.62639
Country Ukraine
Oblast Donetsk
Founded 1778
 • Total 105.8 km2 (40.8 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total 57,998

Torez (Ukrainian: Торез; before 1964: Chistyakovo, Russian: Чистяково, Chystyakove, Ukrainian: Чистякове) is a city of regional significance in Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine. Employment and much of the city's economy relies heavily on the mining industry, even though the proportion of employed miners has been in decline in recent years. In 2012 the city had 81,761 residents, down from a peak of about 120,000 in 1970. Population: 57,998 (2013 population estimate)[1].

The city was renamed from Chystyakove to Torez in honor of the French Communist Party leader Maurice Thorez in 1964, the year of his death.

On 17 July 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed near the city.[2]


The original settlement was established in 1778 at the confluence of the Sevostyanivka and Orlova Rivers (of Mius catchment) by runaway serfs from provinces of southern Russia and Ukraine. By 1800 it had 225 residents and was called Sloboda Alekseevka after a son of Lieutenant-General S. Leonov, the founder and landowner.

In the 1860s it became known as Chystyakove, a coal-mining hub, named after the owner of a local manor, a Taganrog merchant named Chistyakov. In 1875 there were two mining companies started: 1) Chistyakovs'ke, operating two coal mines ("Slanted" and "Gallery") and 2) Oleksiivs'ke (renamed "Nadiya" in 1907). In 1909 the Chistyakove mines produced 4.7 million pounds of coal, and in 1916, 76.8 million pounds.

In 1924 the Chistyakove mining agglomeration had 142 settlements, with 44,679 residents. In 1932 the settlements became a town, and in 1933 the town's 10 coal mines quarries were incorporated into the "Chistyakovugol" industrial trust.

In the 1940s the town had 3 administrative districts (now defunct):

  • Chervona Zirka (Red Star)
  • Pivdenna Grupa (Southern Group)
  • Chistyakove Station (railway)
War damaged building in Torez, 6 August 2014

During World War II, Torez — then known as Chistyakovo — was occupied by the German Army from October 31, 1941 to September 2, 1943. In 1964 the town was renamed Torez in honour of the late Maurice Thorez; longtime leader of the French Communist Party, who was also a coal miner.

Starting in mid-April 2014 pro-Russian separatists captured several towns in Donetsk Oblast,[3][4] including Torez.[5]

On 17 July 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam, crashed near the city from a surface-to-air missile attack, killing all 298 people on board.

On 28 July 2014, Ukrainian forces claimed Ukrainian troops had entered Torez.[6][7]

Today Torez is a major centre of the coal industry in Ukraine. Its population is close to 70,000, with an average density of 822 persons per square kilometre.

Transport system[edit]

Junction Street. Mykolaiva and Pioneerska

Torez has a well-developed transportation system of internal and external conveyance. There are 31 public transport routes served by buses and taxis, and strong transport links with the cities of Snizhne and Shakhtarsk. The Luhansk - Donetsk highway runs through the centre of the city for nine kilometers. From the bus station (vulytsia Popovycha) buses run to Donetsk, Kharkiv and other major cities of the eastern regions of Ukraine.

There are three main railway stations:

  • Torez railway station (at vulytsia Vokzalna)
  • Rozsypne railway station (town of Rozsypne)
  • Pelahiyivka railway station (town of Pelahiyivka)

Two railway stations have electric commuter train stops:

  • Dronove railway station (town of Pelahiyivka)
  • Voskresenska railway station (Central Village, Torez)
  • 33 km railway halt


Monument to miners and testers, coal combine machine "Donbas"
Palace of children's creativity "Yunost"

The city's major company is the State Company "Torez Anthracite" which specializes in coal mining. The company controls a number of production associations (primarily mines): "Progress Mine", "Lutugin Mine Administration", "Volhynian Mine Administration", "Central Enriching Factory "Torezka", Maintenance Factory

Other companies include, but not limited to:

  • Torez Electrical Factory
  • Mine "Terra" (Vuhleresurs Company)
  • Torez factory of cladded hard alloys
  • Torez Penal Colony No.28 (State Penal Department)
  • Torez Foodtasting Factory

Areas of Torez[edit]

  • Center (streets: Pionerska, Nikolaeva, Engels, Syzrantsev, 50 years of the USSR, Gagarin Ave and Boulevard Illich)
  • Neighbourhoods number 1, 2, 3, 4 (Engels street)
    Progress coal mine
  • Neighbourhood "30th Anniversary of Victory" (urban village Pelahiyivka)
  • Neighbourhood "G" (urban village Pelahiyivka)
  • Chervona Zirka - Red Star (urban village Pelahiyivka)
  • Southern Group (streets: Lenin, Kirov, wide Shanghai, Central Village, village mines no. 25-27)
  • Lutuhine (sel. mine them. Lutuguino, Zavodska, pp. Konovalivka with. Krups'ka, HABstroy st. Profspilkova)
  • Railway (west part of town, the railway station, pp. mine number 9)
  • urban village Rozsypne
  • P. Pyatykhatky

Central village[edit]

(Ukrainian: Cелище центральне Conversation - «TSePe») - the historic part of Torez, located in its south-east. One of the first centralized entities in Chistyakova. By 1932 (when Torez received city status) central role of infrastructure carried out village center Chistyakova and surrounding mining towns.

Today the central village completely connects with the city center and other areas in Torez. In the central village there are the Shodni acting school, and two kindergartens.


A small residential area in the south-east of Torez built in 1946 by Hungarian prisoners from World War II. The area consisted of seven-story apartment buildings. Shanghai streets include Kirova, Mins'ka, Fadeeva and Shyroka. From the centre of Torez and connected streets Lenina and Robocha.

In recent years, Shanghai has also referred to the housing estates in the neighbourhood (i.e., the areas of private buildings along the streets Shyroka, Smolensk, Novocherkassk, Minsk, Kirov.)


Beside the city proper the Torez city council also includes two towns: Pelahiyivka and Rozsypne.



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