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A woman wearing a wrap skirt

In the context of clothing, a wrap can refer to a shawl or stole wrapped about the upper body, or a simple skirt-type garment made by wrapping a piece of material round the lower body. Many people of both genders throughout the world wear wraps in everyday life, although in the West they are largely worn by women. They are sometimes sewn at the edges to form a tube which keeps the required size. They are secured using a knot, ties, or in modern examples buttons or velcro.[1]

Modern examples[edit]

  • Beach wraps - In the west, sarongs and towels are sometimes worn as wraps at the beach.
  • Wrap skirts - skirts made in the design or style of a wrap.
  • Wraps are sometimes worn for doing Yoga
  • Weather wraps, wraps designed to be water- and wind-proof.

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