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List of years in film (table)

The year 1902 in film involved some significant events.


Notable films released in 1902[edit]

Mitchell and Kenyon[edit]

Screenshot from the film Living Wigan.
  • Bradford Coronation Procession
  • Burnley v. Manchester United, this film may be the first moving picture images of Manchester United ever recorded.
  • Comic Pictures In High Street, West Bromwich
  • Dewsbury v. Manningham
  • Electric Tram Rides from Forster Square, Bradford
  • Employees Leaving Storey's Moor Lane Mill, Lancaster
  • The Great Local Derby: Accrington v. Church, Cricket Match
  • Leeds Athletic And Cycling Club Carnival
  • Lieutenant Clive Wilson And The Tranby Croft Party, Hull
  • Living Wigan
  • Sheffield United v. Bury
  • Street Scenes In Halifax
  • Tram Ride Into Halifax
  • Wexford Bull Ring
  • Workers Leaving The Jute Works, Barrow

Edwin S. Porter[edit]

  • Fun In A Bakery Shop
  • Jack and the Beanstalk

Ferdinand Zecca[edit]

Georges Méliès[edit]

Man in the moon scene.



Thelma Ritter.
Larry Fine.


  • February 15 – Wilhelmina JR Albregt-Engelman, Dutch actress, dies at 68


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