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List of years in film (table)
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This is a list focusing on motion pictures that were released in the year 1925.


  • November 5: The Big Parade holds its Grand Premiere
  • December 30: premiere of Ben-Hur, the most expensive silent film ever made, costing $4–6 million (around $50–80 million when adjusted for inflation)
  • Hong Shen publishes the film script Mrs. Shentu in the Shanghai magazine Eastern Miscellany. It is never filmed, but is considered a milestone in film history for being the first published film script in China.[1] Hong also directs his first film, Young Master Feng, at Mingxing (Star) Film Company in this year.

Top-grossing films (U.S.)[edit]

Rank Title Actors
1. The Big Parade John Gilbert
2. Ben-Hur Ramón Novarro
3. The Plastic Age Clara Bow
4. The Freshman Harold Lloyd
5. His People Rudolph Schildkraut
6. The Gold Rush Charlie Chaplin
7. The Merry Widow Mae Murray
8. Stella Dallas Belle Bennett and Ronald Colman
9. The Lost World Bessie Love and Wallace Beery
10. East Lynne Alma Rubens and Edmund Lowe
11. Little Annie Rooney Mary Pickford and William Haines
12. The Lucky Devil Richard Dix
13. The Unholy Three Lon Chaney and Victor McLaglen
14. The Everlasting Whisper Tom Mix

Notable films released in 1925[edit]

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Comedy film series[edit]

Animated short film series[edit]



Film debuts[edit]


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