1970–71 European Cup

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1970–71 European Cup
Inside the old Wembley Stadium.jpg
Wembley Stadium in London hosted the final.
Tournament details
Dates18 August 1970 – 2 June 1971
Final positions
ChampionsNetherlands Ajax (1st title)
Runners-upGreece Panathinaikos
Tournament statistics
Matches played63
Goals scored210 (3.33 per match)
Top scorer(s)Greece Antonis Antoniadis (10 goals)

The 1970–71 season of the European Cup football club tournament was won by Ajax in the final against Panathinaikos. It was the first time the cup went to Ajax, beginning a three-year period of domination, and the second consecutive championship for the Netherlands. UEFA had introduced for first time the penalty shoot-out as a way of deciding drawn ties – doing away with the unsatisfactory tossing of a coin. They had also decided that the away goals rule should apply to all rounds, and not just the first two, as had been the case.

Feyenoord, the defending champions, were eliminated by Romanian club UTA Arad in the first round.

This season marked the first time in European Cup history that Real Madrid failed to qualify for the tournament, having appeared in all 15 previous seasons. It was also the first time a Greek team reached the final.

Preliminary round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Levski-Spartak Bulgaria 3–4 Austria Austria Wien 3–1 0–3

First leg[edit]

Levski-Spartak Bulgaria3–1Austria Austria Wien
Mitkov Goal 17'
Asparuhov Goal 52'62'
Report Riedl Goal 73'

Second leg[edit]

Austria Wien Austria3–0Bulgaria Levski-Spartak
Riedl Goal 28'
Hickersberger Goal 37'49'

Austria Wien won 4–3 on aggregate.

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Cagliari Italy 3–1 France Saint-Étienne 3–0 0–1
Atlético Madrid Spain 4–1 Austria Austria Wien 2–0 2–1
Rosenborg Norway 0–7 Belgium Standard Liège 0–2 0–5
IFK Göteborg Sweden 1–6 Poland Legia Warszawa 0–4 1–2
17 Nëntori Albania 2–4 Netherlands Ajax 2–2 0–2
Spartak Moscow Soviet Union 4–4 (a) Switzerland Basel 3–2 1–2
Glentoran Northern Ireland 1–4 Republic of Ireland Waterford 1–3 0–1
Celtic Scotland 14–0 Finland KPV 9–0 5–0
Fenerbahçe Turkey 0–5 East Germany Carl Zeiss Jena 0–4 0–1
Sporting CP Portugal 9–0 Malta Floriana 5–0 4–0
Újpesti Dózsa Hungary 2–4 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 2–0 0–4
Feyenoord Netherlands 1–1 (a) Romania UTA Arad 1–1 0–0
EPA Larnaca Cyprus 0–16 West Germany Borussia Mönchengladbach 0–6 0–10
Everton England 9–2 Iceland Keflavík 6–2 3–0
Jeunesse Esch Luxembourg 1–7 Greece Panathinaikos 1–2 0–5
Slovan Bratislava Czechoslovakia 4–3 Denmark Boldklubben 1903 2–1 2–2

First leg[edit]

Cagliari Italy3–0France Saint-Étienne
Riva Goal 7'70'
Nené Goal 76'
Attendance: 70,000 ca.

Atlético Madrid Spain2–0Austria Austria Wien
Aragonés Goal 9'
Gárate Goal 54'

Rosenborg Norway0–2Belgium Standard Liège
Report Kostedde Goal 42'
Depireux Goal 63'

IFK Göteborg Sweden0–4Poland Legia Warszawa
Report Gadocha Goal 45'
Pieszko Goal 52'
Stachurski Goal 82'87'

17 Nëntori Albania2–2Netherlands Ajax
Kazanxhi Goal 58'
Zhega Goal 87'
Report Suurbier Goal 19'58'

Spartak Moscow Soviet Union3–2Switzerland Basel
Osyanin Goal 17'66'
Papayev Goal 76'
Report Odermatt Goal 78'
Benthaus Goal 83'

Glentoran Northern Ireland1–3Republic of Ireland Waterford United
Hall Goal 9' Report O'Neill Goal 20'
McGeough Goal 60'
Casey Goal 75'

Celtic Scotland9–0Finland KPV
Hood Goal 1'23'36' (pen.)
Hughes Goal 15'
McNeill Goal 22'
Johnstone Goal 38'
Wilson Goal 54'70'
Davidson Goal 60'

Fenerbahçe Turkey0–4East Germany Carl Zeiss Jena
Report Krauß Goal 44'
Ducke Goal 70'85'
Vogel Goal 86'

Sporting CP Portugal5–0Malta Floriana
Peres Goal 1'
Lourenço Goal 6'8'43'61'

Újpesti Dózsa Hungary2–0Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Nagy Goal 52'
A. Dunai Goal 81'

Feyenoord Netherlands1–1Romania UTA Arad
Jansen Goal 25' Report Dumitrescu Goal 14'

EPA Larnaca Cyprus0–6West Germany Borussia Mönchengladbach
Report Laumen Goal 6'35'
Köppel Goal 28'48'
Netzer Goal 57'
Heynckes Goal 84'

Everton England6–2Iceland Keflavík
Ball Goal 39'58'67'
Kendall Goal 41'
Royle Goal 51'70'
Report West Goal 11' (o.g.)
Ragnarsson Goal 78'

Jeunesse Esch Luxembourg1–2Greece Panathinaikos
Di Genova Goal 11' Report Antoniadis Goal 5'
Eleftherakis Goal 36'

Slovan Bratislava Czechoslovakia2–1Denmark Boldklubben 1903
Jozef Čapkovič Goal 36'
Zlocha Goal 90' (pen.)
Report Johansen Goal 35'

Second leg[edit]

Saint-Étienne France1–0Italy Cagliari
Larqué Goal 32' Report

Cagliari won 3–1 on aggregate.

Austria Wien Austria1–2Spain Atlético Madrid
Krieger Goal 20' (pen.) Report Aragonés Goal 42'
Gárate Goal 84'

Atlético Madrid won 4–1 on aggregate.

Standard Liège Belgium5–0Norway Rosenborg
Pilot Goal 2'75'
Cvetler Goal 4'
Depireux Goal 26'
Semmeling Goal 62'

Standard Liège won 7–0 on aggregate.

Legia Warszawa Poland2–1Sweden IFK Göteborg
Deyna Goal 37'
Gadocha Goal 38'
Report Almqvist Goal 28'

Legia Warszawa won 6–1 on aggregate.

Ajax Netherlands2–0Albania 17 Nëntori
Keizer Goal 8'
Swart Goal 70'

Ajax won 4–2 on aggregate.

Basel Switzerland2–1Soviet Union Spartak Moscow
Siegenthaler Goal 48'
Balmer Goal 55'
Report Khusainov Goal 84'

Spartak Moscow 4–4 Basel on aggregate. Basel won on away goals.

Waterford United Republic of Ireland1–0Northern Ireland Glentoran
Casey Goal 57' Report

Waterford United won 4–1 on aggregate.

KPV Finland0–5Scotland Celtic
Report Wallace Goal 26'46'
Callaghan Goal 35'
Davidson Goal 51'
Lennox Goal 72'

Celtic won 14–0 on aggregate.

Carl Zeiss Jena East Germany1–0Turkey Fenerbahçe
Vogel Goal 43' Report

Carl Zeiss Jena won 5–0 on aggregate.

Floriana Malta0–4Portugal Sporting CP
Report Fernandes Goal 30'65'
Dinis Goal 57'
Tomé Goal 73'

Sporting CP won 9–0 on aggregate.

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia4–0Hungary Újpesti Dózsa
Filipović Goal 7'58'
Džajić Goal 24'
Ostojić Goal 44'

Red Star Belgrade won 4–2 on aggregate.

UTA Arad Romania0–0Netherlands Feyenoord

Feyenoord 1–1 UTA Arad on aggregate. UTA Arad won on away goals.

Borussia Mönchengladbach West Germany10–0Cyprus EPA Larnaca
Netzer Goal 19'
Wimmer Goal 30'
Köppel Goal 35'60'
Dietrich Goal 40'
Sieloff Goal 44' (pen.)
Laumen Goal 50'56'
Heynckes Goal 73'
Vogts Goal 82'

Borussia Mönchengladbach won 16–0 on aggregate.

Keflavík Iceland0–3England Everton
Report Whittle Goal 32'
Royle Goal 38'46'

Everton won 9–2 on aggregate.

Panathinaikos Greece5–0Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch
Eleftherakis Goal 16'
Antoniadis Goal 26'29'37'51'

Panathinaikos won 7–1 on aggregate.

Boldklubben 1903 Denmark2–2Czechoslovakia Slovan Bratislava
Thygesen Goal 78' (pen.)
Johansen Goal 90'
Report Jozef Čapkovič Goal 9'57'

Slovan Bratislava won 4–3 on aggregate.

Second round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Cagliari Italy 2–4 Spain Atlético Madrid 2–1 0–3
Standard Liège Belgium 1–2 Poland Legia Warszawa 1–0 0–2
Ajax Netherlands 5–1 Switzerland Basel 3–0 2–1
Waterford United Republic of Ireland 2–10 Scotland Celtic 0–7 2–3
Carl Zeiss Jena East Germany 4–2 Portugal Sporting CP 2–1 2–1
Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 6–1 Romania UTA Arad 3–0 3–1
Borussia Mönchengladbach West Germany 2–2 (3–4 p) England Everton 1–1 1–1
Panathinaikos Greece 4–2 Czechoslovakia Slovan Bratislava 3–0 1–2

First leg[edit]

Cagliari Italy2–1Spain Atlético Madrid
Riva Goal 42'
Gori Goal 45+'
Report Aragonés Goal 77'

Standard Liège Belgium1–0Poland Legia Warszawa
Pilot Goal 76' Report

Ajax Netherlands3–0Switzerland Basel
Keizer Goal 17'
van Dijk Goal 23'
Hulshoff Goal 63'

Waterford United Republic of Ireland0–7Scotland Celtic
Report Wallace Goal 1'54'56'
Macari Goal 19'87'
Murdoch Goal 27'38'

Carl Zeiss Jena East Germany2–1Portugal Sporting CP
Vogel Goal 51'
Kurbjuweit Goal 87'
Report Marinho Goal 67'

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia3–0Romania UTA Arad
Filipović Goal 18'
Aćimović Goal 50'
Ostojić Goal 53'

Borussia Mönchengladbach West Germany1–1England Everton
Vogts Goal 35' Report Kendall Goal 47'

Panathinaikos Greece3–0Czechoslovakia Slovan Bratislava
Domazos Goal 31'
Antoniadis Goal 55'
Delijannis Goal 88'

Second leg[edit]

Atlético Madrid Spain3–0Italy Cagliari
Aragonés Goal 33'72' (pen.)89' Report
Attendance: 45,000
Referee: Ronald Jones (Wales)

Atlético Madrid won 4–2 on aggregate.

Legia Warszawa Poland2–0Belgium Standard Liège
Pieszko Goal 7'
Żmijewski Goal 20'

Legia Warszawa won 2–1 on aggregate.

Basel Switzerland1–2Netherlands Ajax
Odermatt Goal 36' (pen.) Report Rijnders Goal 69'
Neeskens Goal 72'

Ajax won 5–1 on aggregate.

Celtic Scotland3–2Republic of Ireland Waterford United
Hughes Goal 47'
Johnstone Goal 56'65'
Report McNeill Goal 17' (o.g.)
Matthews Goal 32'

Celtic won 10–2 on aggregate.

Sporting CP Portugal1–2East Germany Carl Zeiss Jena
Gonçalves Goal 79' Report Ducke Goal 30'
Kurbjuweit Goal 36'

Carl Zeiss Jena won 4–2 on aggregate.

UTA Arad Romania1–3Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Brosovszky Goal 56' Report Filipović Goal 51'67'
Janković Goal 78'

Red Star Belgrade won 6–1 on aggregate.

Borussia Mönchengladbach 2–2 Everton on aggregate. Everton won on penalties.

Slovan Bratislava Czechoslovakia2–1Greece Panathinaikos
Medviď Goal 31'
Jozef Čapkovič Goal 59'
Report Antoniadis Goal 55'

Panathinaikos won 4–2 on aggregate.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Atlético Madrid Spain 2–2 (a) Poland Legia Warszawa 1–0 1–2
Ajax Netherlands 3–1 Scotland Celtic 3–0 0–1
Carl Zeiss Jena East Germany 3–6 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 3–2 0–4
Everton England 1–1 (a) Greece Panathinaikos 1–1 0–0

First leg[edit]

Atlético Madrid Spain1–0Poland Legia Warszawa
Adelardo Goal 22' Report

Ajax Netherlands3–0Scotland Celtic
Cruyff Goal 63'
Hulshoff Goal 70'
Keizer Goal 89'

Carl Zeiss Jena East Germany3–2Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Strempel Goal 16'
Ducke Goal 21'86'
Report Janković Goal 42'
Džajić Goal 58'

Everton England1–1Greece Panathinaikos
Johnson Goal 90' Report Antoniadis Goal 81'

Second leg[edit]

Legia Warszawa Poland2–1Spain Atlético Madrid
Pieszko Goal 25'
Stachurski Goal 54'
Report Salcedo Goal 11'

Atlético Madrid 2–2 Legia Warszawa on aggregate. Atlético Madrid won on away goals.

Celtic Scotland1–0Netherlands Ajax
Johnstone Goal 27' Report

Ajax won 3–1 on aggregate.

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia4–0East Germany Carl Zeiss Jena
Đorić Goal 15' (pen.)
Filipović Goal 30'
Ostojić Goal 60'
Karasi Goal 70'

Red Star Belgrade won 6–3 on aggregate.

Panathinaikos Greece0–0England Everton

Everton 1–1 Panathinaikos on aggregate. Panathinaikos won on away goals.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Atlético Madrid Spain 1–3 Netherlands Ajax 1–0 0–3
Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 4–4 (a) Greece Panathinaikos 4–1 0–3

First leg[edit]

Atlético Madrid Spain1–0Netherlands Ajax
Irureta Goal 44' Report

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia4–1Greece Panathinaikos
Ostojić Goal 14'46'69'
Janković Goal 40'
Report Kamaras Goal 56'
Red Star stadium, Belgrade
Attendance: 100 000

Second leg[edit]

Ajax Netherlands3–0Spain Atlético Madrid
Keizer Goal 8'
Suurbier Goal 80'
Neeskens Goal 85'

Ajax won 3–1 on aggregate.

Panathinaikos Greece3–0Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Antoniadis Goal 2'55'
Kamaras Goal 64'

Red Star Belgrade 4–4 Panathinaikos on aggregate. Panathinaikos won on away goals.


Ajax Netherlands2–0Greece Panathinaikos
Van Dijk Goal 5'
Haan Goal 87'
Report MatchCentre
Attendance: 90,000
Referee: Jack Taylor (England)

Top scorers[edit]

Antonis Antoniadis scored 10 goals on the way to Panathinaikos reaching the final.

The top scorers from the 1970–71 European Cup (excluding preliminary round) are as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 Greece Antonis Antoniadis Greece Panathinaikos 10
2 Spain Luis Aragonés Spain Atlético Madrid 6
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zoran Filipović Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 6
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Stevan Ostojić Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 6
5 East Germany Peter Ducke East Germany Carl Zeiss Jena 5
West Germany Herbert Laumen West Germany Borussia Mönchengladbach 5
Scotland William Wallace Scotland Celtic 5
8 Czechoslovakia Jozef Čapkovič Czechoslovakia Slovan Bratislava 4
Scotland Jimmy Johnstone Scotland Celtic 4
Netherlands Piet Keizer Netherlands Ajax 4
West Germany Horst Köppel West Germany Borussia Mönchengladbach 4
Portugal João Lourenço Portugal Sporting CP 4
England Joe Royle England Everton 4

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