1972–73 European Cup

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1972–73 European Cup
Fk Red Star stadium.jpg
The Stadion FK Crvena Zvezda in Belgrade hosted the final.
Tournament details
Dates13 September 1972 – 30 May 1973
Final positions
ChampionsNetherlands Ajax (3rd title)
Runners-upItaly Juventus
Tournament statistics
Matches played57
Goals scored160 (2.81 per match)
Top scorer(s)Germany Gerd Müller (11 goals)

The 1972–73 season of the European Cup football club tournament was won for the third consecutive time by Ajax in the final against Juventus at Red Star Stadium in Belgrade. The win by Ajax resulted in the fourth consecutive championship by a Dutch team.

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
CSKA Sofia Bulgaria 4–1 Greece Panathinaikos 2–1 2–0[n 1]
Ajax Netherlands Bye
Galatasaray Turkey 1–7 West Germany Bayern Munich 1–1 0–6
Waterford United Republic of Ireland 2–3 Cyprus Omonia 2–1 0–2
Wacker Austria 0–3 Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv 0–1 0–2
Sliema Wanderers Malta 0–10 Poland Górnik Zabrze 0–5 0–5
Aris Luxembourg 0–6 Romania Argeș Pitești 0–2 0–4
Real Madrid Spain 4–0 Iceland Keflavík 3–0 1–0
Marseille France 1–3 Italy Juventus 1–0 0–3
Magdeburg East Germany 9–1 Finland TPS 6–0 3–1
Celtic Scotland 5–2 Norway Rosenborg 2–1 3–1
Újpesti Dózsa Hungary 4–3 Switzerland Basel 2–0 2–3
Spartak Trnava Czechoslovakia Bye
Anderlecht Belgium 7–2 Denmark Vejle 4–2 3–0
Derby County England 4–1 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Željezničar 2–0 2–1
Malmö FF Sweden 2–4 Portugal Benfica 1–0 1–4
  1. ^ Originally 1–2 to Panathinaikos, with CSKA declared winners of a penalty shoot-out in which CSKA scored 3 of 3, Panathinaikos 2 of 4. Panathinaikos complained to UEFA, and the match was annulled and replayed the following month.[1][2]

First leg[edit]

Galatasaray Turkey1–1West Germany Bayern Munich
Ünder Goal 55' Report Müller Goal 66'
Attendance: 42,850

Waterford United Republic of Ireland2–1Cyprus Omonia
Hale Goal 5'10' Report Rotsidis Goal 79'

Wacker Austria0–1Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv
Report Puzach Goal 88'
Attendance: 8,655

Sliema Wanderers Malta0–5Poland Górnik Zabrze
Report Lubański Goal 25'27'39'
Banaś Goal 82'
Wilczek Goal 87'

Aris Bonnevoie Luxembourg0–2Romania Argeș Pitești

Marseille France1–0Italy Juventus
Bonnel Goal 52' Report

Magdeburg East Germany6–0Finland TPS
Mewes Goal 5'
Pommerenke Goal 24'79'
Seguin Goal 30'
Sparwasser Goal 38'45'

Celtic Scotland2–1Norway Rosenborg
Macari Goal 15'
Deans Goal 45'
Report Wirkola Goal 55'

Anderlecht Belgium4–2Denmark Vejle
Ejderstedt Goal 49'
RensenbrinkGoal 59'62'
Van Himst Goal 85'
Report Johansen Goal 64' (pen.)67'

Malmö FF Sweden1–0Portugal Benfica
Larsson Goal 11' Report

Second leg[edit]

Panathinaikos Greece2–1Bulgaria CSKA Sofia
Verón Goal 18'
Melo Goal 20' (pen.)
Trankov Goal 68'
Penalty missed
Penalty scored
Penalty scored
Penalty missed
2–3 Penalty scored
Penalty scored
Penalty scored

The game was annulled because the referee ended the shoot-out prematurely after Panathinaikos fourth penalty was saved by Bulgarian goalkeeper. Panathinaikos complained to UEFA and the match was annulled and replayed the following month.[3]

Panathinaikos Greece0–2Bulgaria CSKA Sofia
Report Zhekov Goal 4'
Kolev Goal 46'

CSKA Sofia won 4–1 on aggregate.

Bayern Munich West Germany6–0Turkey Galatasaray
Müller Goal 14'78'
Hoeneß Goal 29'
Schneider Goal 35'
Beckenbauer Goal 76' (pen.)
Roth Goal 88'

Bayern Munich won 7–1 on aggregate.

Omonia Cyprus2–0Republic of Ireland Waterford United
Chelebis Goal 18'63' Report

Omonia won 3–2 on aggregate.

Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union2–0Austria Wacker
Puzach Goal 23'
Damin Goal 51'
Attendance: 35,037

Dynamo Kyiv won 3–0 on aggregate.

Górnik Zabrze won 10–0 on aggregate.

Argeș Pitești Romania4–0Luxembourg Aris Bonnevoie
Attendance: 5,000

Argeș Pitești won 6–0 on aggregate.

Real Madrid won 4–0 on aggregate.

Juventus Italy3–0France Marseille
Bettega Goal 4'37'
Haller Goal 44'
Attendance: 56,389

Juventus won 3–1 on aggregate.

TPS Finland1–3East Germany Magdeburg
Toivola Goal 73' Report Sparwasser Goal 52'87'
Jalonen Goal 72' (o.g.)

Magdeburg won 9–1 on aggregate.

Rosenborg Norway1–3Scotland Celtic
Christiansen Goal 38' Report Macari Goal 55'88'
Hood Goal 83'

Celtic won 5–2 on aggregate.

Basel Switzerland3–2Hungary Újpesti Dózsa
Hasler Goal 65'
Balmer Goal 75'83'
Report Bene Goal 46'89'

Újpesti Dózsa won 4–3 on aggregate.

Vejle Denmark0–3Belgium Anderlecht
Report Volders Goal 61'
Rensenbrink Goal 85'87'

Anderlecht won 7–2 on aggregate.

Derby County won 4–1 on aggregate.

Benfica Portugal4–1Sweden Malmö FF
Jordão Goal 24'
Simões Goal 29'
Eusébio Goal 43' (pen.)60'
Report Tapper Goal 89' (pen.)

Benfica won 4–2 on aggregate.

Second round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
CSKA Sofia Bulgaria 1–6 Netherlands Ajax 1–3 0–3
Bayern Munich West Germany 13–0 Cyprus Omonia 9–0 4–0
Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union 3–2 Poland Górnik Zabrze 2–0 1–2
Argeș Pitești Romania 3–4 Spain Real Madrid 2–1 1–3
Juventus Italy 2–0 East Germany Magdeburg 1–0 1–0
Celtic Scotland 2–4 Hungary Újpesti Dózsa 2–1 0–3
Spartak Trnava Czechoslovakia 2–0 Belgium Anderlecht 1–0 1–0
Derby County England 3–0 Portugal Benfica 3–0 0–0

First leg[edit]

CSKA Sofia Bulgaria1–3Netherlands Ajax
Zhekov Goal 27' Report Swart Goal 13'
Keizer Goal 32'
Haan Goal 52'

Bayern Munich West Germany9–0Cyprus Omonia
Müller Goal 14'37'54'73'74'
Hoeneß Goal 25'
Roth Goal 42'
Schneider Goal 69'82'

Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union2–0Poland Górnik Zabrze
Muntyan Goal 60'
Puzach Goal 75'
Attendance: 60,112

Argeș Pitești Romania2–1Spain Real Madrid
Dobrin Goal 22' (pen.)
Prepurgel Goal 62'
Report Anzarda Goal 41'
Attendance: 15,000
Referee: David Smith (England)

Juventus Italy1–0East Germany Magdeburg
Anastasi Goal 66' Report
Attendance: 37,678

Celtic Scotland2–1Hungary Újpesti Dózsa
Dalglish Goal 60'75' Report Bene Goal 38'
Attendance: 51,515

Second leg[edit]

Ajax Netherlands3–0Bulgaria CSKA Sofia
Cruyff Goal 13'75'
Blankenburg Goal 15'

Ajax won 6–1 on aggregate.

Omonia Cyprus0–4West Germany Bayern Munich
Report Roth Goal 29'
Müller Goal 42'66'
Hoffmann Goal 50'

Bayern Munich won 13–0 on aggregate.

Górnik Zabrze Poland2–1Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv
Lubański Goal 30'
Gorgoń Goal 62'
Report Blokhin Goal 25'
Attendance: 48,527

Dynamo Kyiv won 3–2 on aggregate.

Real Madrid Spain3–1Romania Argeș Pitești

Real Madrid won 4–3 on aggregate.

Juventus won 2–0 on aggregate.

Újpesti Dózsa Hungary3–0Scotland Celtic
Bene Goal 7'24'
Fazekas Goal 15' (pen.)

Újpesti Dózsa won 4–2 on aggregate.

Spartak Trnava won 2–0 on aggregate.

Derby County won 3–0 on aggregate.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Ajax Netherlands 5–2 West Germany Bayern Munich 4–0 1–2
Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union 0–3 Spain Real Madrid 0–0 0–3
Juventus Italy 2–2 (a) Hungary Újpesti Dózsa 0–0 2–2
Spartak Trnava Czechoslovakia 1–2 England Derby County 1–0 0–2

First leg[edit]

Ajax Netherlands4–0West Germany Bayern Munich
Haan Goal 53'70'
G. Mühren Goal 68'
Cruyff Goal 89'

Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union0–0Spain Real Madrid

Second leg[edit]

Bayern Munich West Germany2–1Netherlands Ajax
Krol Goal 30' (o.g.)
Müller Goal 37'
Report Keizer Goal 7'

Ajax won 5–2 on aggregate.

Real Madrid Spain3–0Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv
Santillana Goal 2'
Aguilar Goal 36'
Amancio Goal 81'

Real Madrid won 3–0 on aggregate.

Juventus 2–2 Újpesti Dózsa on aggregate. Juventus won on away goals.

Derby County won 2–1 on aggregate.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Ajax Netherlands 3–1 Spain Real Madrid 2–1 1–0
Juventus Italy 3–1 England Derby County 3–1 0–0

First leg[edit]

Ajax Netherlands2–1Spain Real Madrid
Hulshoff Goal 67'
Krol Goal 77'
Report Pirri Goal 84'

Juventus Italy3–1England Derby County
Altafini Goal 27'84'
Causio Goal 65'
Report Hector Goal 29'

Second leg[edit]

Ajax won 3–1 on aggregate.

Juventus won 3–1 on aggregate.


Ajax Netherlands1–0Italy Juventus
Rep Goal 5' Report

Top scorers[edit]

The top scorers from the 1972–73 European Cup are as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 West Germany Gerd Müller West Germany Bayern Munich 11
2 Hungary Ferenc Bene Hungary Újpesti Dózsa 6
3 Poland Włodzimierz Lubański Poland Górnik Zabrze 5
Spain Santillana Spain Real Madrid 5
5 Romania Nicolae Dobrin Romania Argeș Pitești 4
England Kevin Hector England Derby County 4
Netherlands Rob Rensenbrink Belgium Anderlecht 4
East Germany Jürgen Sparwasser East Germany Magdeburg 4
9 Italy José Altafini Italy Juventus 3
Netherlands Arie Haan Netherlands Ajax 3
Netherlands Johan Cruyff Netherlands Ajax 3
Scotland Lou Macari Scotland Celtic 3
Soviet Union Anatoliy Puzach Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv 3
Romania Constantin Radu Romania Argeș Pitești 3
West Germany Franz Roth West Germany Bayern Munich 3
West Germany Edgar Schneider West Germany Bayern Munich 3


  1. ^ Dynamo Kyiv played their home match at ChMP Central Stadium, Odesa, instead of their regular stadium Central Stadium, Kyiv, due to frozen pitch.[4]


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